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Sweetie Belle swipes her sister's bottle of snake oil. Hijinks ensue when she drinks some at the CMC clubhouse.

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Rumble is lured...err...invited over by the CMC for a playdate, little does he know, they have something else in mind. Something more sinister and...slithery.

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Twilight finds a new potion that transforms her into a lamia. Not wanting to waste this opportunity for scientific advancement, she invites Fluttershy, animal expert to help her in her new form. Things get a little freaky when Twilight discovers that she has the power to mind control other ponies, things get intimate as Fluttershy and Twilight go on a magical journey filled with wonder and self-discovery.

Oh who am I kidding?

It's a shameless hypnofic that will disgust you if you don't share the fetish and get your rocks off if you do.

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Princess Celestia wakes to find that she is not in Control in the way she used to be. Seeing how she is not the only one with power. Princess Celestia feeling insecure and weary on the changes around she feels she needs to Control the Princesses. Not just Princess Luna, but Cadance and even her faithful student Twilight Sparkle, but for Princess Celestia this may be a challenge as she needs to develop plan's on how each Pony will fall under her Sleepy, Tired, Relaxed, Heavy, Effortless, Susceptible, Warm, Blissful, Obedient and Mindless Trance into Princess Celestia's Hypnosis. Who know's even you might be Hypnotized. "No Need To Think about how Susceptible You Are as you Mindlessly and Effortlessly Read This." -Princess Celestia

"Oh dear... it appears my plans have taken longer than truly anticipated, surely the wait has been long, grueling, and even ridiculous, perhaps some added goals aside from these Princesses." - Princess Celestia

Written By: Luna Elite
Edited By: Belgian & Xaldon Ajide
Proofread By: Zevski & S0ngb1rd

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