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Dreams' Horizon Update · 5:00pm Sep 5th, 2022

So, I didn't expect almost a year to pass before I came back, but, here we are.

tl;dr - I'm not as much into MLP as I used to be. While I liked the G5 movie fine, I haven't watched Tell Your Tale or the TV special. I've by no means moved on from the fanbase, I still talk about it all the time and read fanfics and browse fanart, but I'm not as big into it as I used to be. On the other hand I've gotten big into the Final Fantasy franchise again as I try to grow my YouTube channel and meet other content creators. Speaking of my YouTube channel, I've been focused on making videos and streaming video games. So, I haven't had my mind on writing horsewords lately.

But that doesn't mean this story is dead, not at all. I still think of it fondly and intend to come back to it, it just hasn't been a priority and this year has been a bit of a blur. This update is to reassure you all of that - this story is NOT dead. And in the future I expect to have a bit more free time than I have had lately, as other projects of mine are getting completed and such.

The plan now is to use November to really plot out Book 3, which will be the finale of the fic. I have an outline of things but some details are fuzzy, and it's of critical importance I make sure everything is order before I keep going, so I know WHERE it is I'm going and the many plot threads I have to tie up do so in a satisfying way. I can't promise there will be a new chapter before the end of the year, but that is a goal, and I will promise that the story will pick up again next year.

Thanks to everyone for supporting this story and me. This is probably going to be my last written fanfiction, and if I can conclude it well, I feel good about leaving things on this note. Stay tuned, the best is yet to come.

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We all reach that point sooner or later, it's admirable enough you're this dedicated to finishing the fic such that nothing will stop it from happening sooner or later. What we've gotten thus far is good enough that I can calmly wait until then, and I'm sure most other readers feel the same. Until then, DrakeyC!

In the same boat, lel.

Still ain't seen anything of Gen 5 yet, but I'm still working on my Gen 4 stuff. Been getting back into older and new (to me) fandoms. Zelda, FF, Fire Emblem, Xenoblade lately...

It happens. I used to be big into the Kingdom Hearts fandom, but I've kinda slipped away from that one after the long gap between 3D and III, and even more so after III. Lack of new content or quality content (or quality new content) will do that.

Looking forward to helping and seeing how this thing wraps up.

... I suppose I should catch up on what's already there, then. :twilightblush:

Eh, tbh the reveal that Twiggles destroyed Equestria within 30 years of taking the throne kinda put me off for a bit too, so I get where you're coming from.

Celestia: "For Faust's sake, Twilight, you couldn't handle a single century on your own? That's it, I'm going on vacation with Luna to the moon, clean up this shit by the time we get back or you're fired."

It was the only possible outcome, as anyone who watched FiM would know.

Yeah, it was obvious that she would be a terrible leader.

I a really hoping that you'll manage to update the story relatively soon. I'm still indecided about G5 so far the movie was noce but they haven't been able to match it in quality.

Thank you for this update. I await eagerly.

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