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Writer, reviewer, creator of Filly Fantasy VI, occasional PMV maker, and uploader of mildly amusing image macros to Derpibooru. https://www.patreon.com/drakeyc

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  • 9 weeks
    There ARE Horsewords Happening

    I've begun the next chapter, though early into it.

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  • 11 weeks
    Friends with Ponies

    Twilight and Sunset:

    Twilight: "Hey Rarity, can I borrow your hair curler, I can't find mine."
    Rainbow: *eyes widen*

    Pinkie: "Oh my god, I just thought you guys were doing it, I didn't know you were in love!"

    Shining Armor: "What? No, no no no...what are you doing? GET OFF MY SISTEEEEEEEEER!"

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  • 13 weeks

    My thanks to Malcharion for pushing me to the milestone :D

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  • 13 weeks
    Revised Harmony Spirits

    I wanted a full set of these with proper art, so with permissions from mauroz, here they are. A couple effects have been tweaked to be consistent with modern vernacular in the card game and for my own better understanding of card design and balancing, and I also added a new "Tier 1.5" form for Twilight so she can have her own Fusion outside the ace monster, and finally added Sunset as a

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Go spread the holiday cheer · 2:03am Dec 25th, 2023

My Jinglemas gift was The Hearth's Warming Truce by TheLegendaryBillCipher, go give it a read and leave a comment.

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