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    There ARE Horsewords Happening

    I've begun the next chapter, though early into it.

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    Friends with Ponies

    Twilight and Sunset:

    Twilight: "Hey Rarity, can I borrow your hair curler, I can't find mine."
    Rainbow: *eyes widen*

    Pinkie: "Oh my god, I just thought you guys were doing it, I didn't know you were in love!"

    Shining Armor: "What? No, no no no...what are you doing? GET OFF MY SISTEEEEEEEEER!"

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    My thanks to Malcharion for pushing me to the milestone :D

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    Revised Harmony Spirits

    I wanted a full set of these with proper art, so with permissions from mauroz, here they are. A couple effects have been tweaked to be consistent with modern vernacular in the card game and for my own better understanding of card design and balancing, and I also added a new "Tier 1.5" form for Twilight so she can have her own Fusion outside the ace monster, and finally added Sunset as a

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There ARE Horsewords Happening · 3:36pm April 13th

I've begun the next chapter, though early into it.

January and February were taken up with archiving storyline footage from Dissidia Opera Omnia, which was unexpected announced as closing late last year. And then FF7 Rebirth came out and I got engrossed in it, being one of the best games ever. Did you know there's well over 200 hours of content into it, and by the time I platinumed it my playtime was 285 hours? Oh yeah, and next week FF16's DLC is coming.

Point is, I've been busy. But I've not forgotten the story, not by a long shot.

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