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EFNW Book Sales! · 9:31pm Aug 1st, 2022

Hello, RariTwiers!

Before I say what I came to say, this blogpost isn’t about me coming back, sadly. I’ve been doing really well on my little website, and even though I’ve been in hiatus because of IRL stuff, I’m finally at a place to get back into writing and will be posting new content over there soon. 

So, I’m doing well!

However, I also know my website is a baby website and not a lot of people refresh it, so I wanted to also give people here a heads up that I will be selling books at EFNW this month, and I’m running a form to figure out how much stock should I bring.

I’ll be selling PFP editions of The Enchanted Library, Monologues, AND, FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER, CRIIIIMSON LIPS!!! Which I am very excited about because Crimson is really good. 

The books will be sold online at a later time, but if you’re going to the con and want to have me hand you the books personally and also sign them??? If you want???

Please head on over here > https://forms.gle/uxcfK5FVxCTgmmLF7 < and fill away!!



P.S. I actually don’t have access to my account anymore, and this blogpost will be posted by a friend (hewwo dash), so just a note that any comments posted here re: this will be answered by RBDash47 (PFP’s owner) and my booth helper.

If you want me to personally answer something, you can leave your comment on the blogpost I made on my website about this topic > https://www.hollowshades.com/everfree-northwest-2022-book-stock-form/

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It’s always good to hear from you. Good luck with the sales! :pinkiesmile:

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A quick summary of the differences between the Ministry of Image and Ponyfeather Publishing editions of The Enchanted Library:

MOI (available here)

  • Two casewrapped hardcover volumes, split in the middle of act II
  • New cover art for each volume by Ramiras
  • 20 new interior full-page color illustrations by Maxima

PFP (available signed at EFNW in person, unsigned after EFNW online)

  • Three paperback or dust-jacketed hardback volumes, each act in its own volume
  • New cover art for each volume by lilfunkman
  • Original chapter header styling, including the original header art pieces by Arctic Waters
  • A foreword by Cynewulf and an afterword by Mono

I put my name down, might have to actually pay after the con is over as I can't attend in person this year.

I was curious why there has not been much activity on your site. I look forward to reading more of your work.


I've been waiting for the PFP Enchanted Library edition for a while now, so I'm beyond excited. Also CRIMSON LIPS AS WELL?????? :O

akgbklasaofbabfasfbasj CRIMSON LIPS BOOK

What I wouldn't give to b able to go and get a signed copy :raritydespair:

alas, I'm in the wrong hemisphere for that

I'm glad to hear you're doing well. :twilightsmile: :raritywink:

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