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  • MLove's Hydration
    Rainbow Dash is lonely. She’s pushing into late twenties with every dream achieved. Peak form. Adorable laugh. The subject of varying mass-produced posters. A story of inspiration and a universal attraction. Yet she wakes up alone every morning.
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Ask Me Anything! (And Story Update) · 8:31pm July 3rd

I'm not much talk of the shop these days but, with retirement from fanfiction following next month, I figured I would do one last session of questions for those with the odd question mark for yours truly. Ever wanted to ask me something? That comment section below is your friend!

And now for other news.

Reunited Again will follow a release schedule of Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday.

The story has been a learning experience of how to create an outline, how to revise an outline and, when it comes to composition, the best way to abandon that outline. It's also the first story I've ever done a second draft of in my life. I'm still nowhere close to being a good writer but, in learning to improve, slow progress is being made.

That is all.

~ Yr. Pal, B

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Comments ( 20 )

What do you plan to write about in the future?

And for old times' sake:
Tea or coffee?

If given the chance to have one wish granted, what would be the most likely way it would turned against you? For clarity's sake I mean either by a lack of forethought or malice from the wish granted, how could the wish back fire.

What is a man?

Hey B, I just wanted to think you again for all the cool and fun stories you published over the years. Lots of good reads and served as part of my inspiration to start writing again (I thanked you in the very first story I wrote).

Will you be leaving your channel and stories up? I'd like to go back and read them from time to time.

Thank you for being part of the fandom and for contributing so much! I'm sorry to see you go but I hope the future is full of even more good things for you. Cheers!


Retirement from fanfiction,or fimfiction?

Retirement from writing, or the fandom?

You're retiring?
Also, I haven't been around long, and haven't followed you for long, but any good stories, and where can I follow you in other aspects of online life?

What aspect of great writing do you most wish was easier to perfect?

Where can i find more of your work for when you leave fimfiction?

Where will you go after leaving fimfiction?

You doing ok overall?

B_25 #11 · July 4th · · ·

I plan to write fantasy/horror and the usual romance on Royal Road and Amazon Kindle.

Coffee! It allows for more to get done.

To be talented. Without the struggle, the talent won't feel deserved.

A miserable pile of...

Thank you for popping in to deliver this kindness! Thanks for playing your part in the history of this site as well.

Fanfiction and the fandom! Going to try my luck writing for real.

Yup! I'll create a blog in the future for people interested in my future work.

Double future: woah!

Characters. Everything comes from them. Prose, dialogue, plot. It's all tempered through them. Without believable characters, the words they speak don't feel as real, the actions they enact aren't as legitimate, and the world and plot don't matter as much.

They'll be a blog for that for those who are interested.

Yes, sir!

To all
~ Yr. Pal, B


I plan to write fantasy/horror and the usual romance on Royal Road and Amazon Kindle.

Neat! I'm definitely going to keep an eye out for your future works, even if they aren't pony-related.

Coffee! It allows for more to get done.

Good man!

will you fully leave fimfiction? or still here and there hang around sometimes posting like a update on how things go?

B_25 #14 · July 4th · · ·

I enjoy your stuff!

And yup! Most things will stay up.

B_25 #15 · July 4th · · ·

Everything will stay up! I'll post a blog every now and again.

If I don't break away from this place to try other things—then I would never leave!

A hollow or shallow success wouldn't feel like much of a success at all. So, yeah. That would definitely suck to have the rewards feel stolen or undeserving.

Ah gosh, it's bittersweet to see you retire from FiMFiction, but I'm super happy for you! It's great to see people knowing themselves and committing to the next step. I'll miss seeing you around here quite a bit. Every time I see any of your stories or blogs in my feed, I always get a smile on my face without fail. I loved your time here, man, and I'm sure you'll make others smile with your words and presence, just like you have done to me and many in this community, the next place you go. Through my eyes, it was amazing to see you develop for the better into the person you are now today. Rares would be so proud of you, and remember that! I love you for you, dude, and I'll be sure to follow you wherever you end up after this, and get an even bigger smile from any rare and wild blogs from you here in FiMFiction down the road.

Wishing you success and a great future,
A Proud Friend :heart:

And question from my curious self: Do you like chocolate milk? I know I do! :yay:

well good I just worry about you and want to make sure you're at least ok

I will be a bit saddened not to see you post anything else after your retirement, but if you are going to try writing outside the fandom, do hope you leave a link as to where might pop in a have a look.

Sun or Moon?

That is an awesome answer. Thank you.

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