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A Hiatusbuster: Unasked for Sequels Electric Boogaflu · 7:58am Sep 30th, 2021

Right now, it is a little late for me to be making proper puns, so that is the best I have to offer. I've been typing mostly emails and other purely academic things lately. Though, I wouldn't be blogging without a few things to discuss. I hope that y'all will read on since I do want to do my best to get back in the saddle for... well, pretty much everything in my life. The first thing to get out of the way: I got my laptop back! The new battery is in, and it ended up costing far less than I thought. Why was that, you ask? Well, when I was given the price, I was told the highest price estimate as though it were the price I should realistically expect to pay. I get it, I get it, prepare for the worst and all. The issue is, that knowing the possible range of what I could pay would be a much better option. Ah well, that is all said and done with, and thank goodness. I don't know what I'd do without this bestickered mess. All my stories are safe, and I am now a slave to my assignments once again. Oh joy!

Next, I wanted to talk about my stories briefly. Since my last real blogs, I hadn't gotten much of a chance to work on them. Well, what does that mean? To anyone new following me: I don't cancel major stories, and I rarely cancel them at all. Starting something I can't eventually finish is not a very Ice Star thing to do. I was able to do some revising of Enemy of Mine's currently published chapters to get them print-ready, though other revisions and incomplete projects have had minimal progress since then, considering my classes come first. Having no computer made it so that I had an incredibly awful start to this semester, though I've been doing my very best to correct that cause oh my gods I sure do hate failure and that GPA of mine is supposed to be as high as I can get it. When break rolls around, I have a bunch of one-shots that are still in the process of being edited and getting their last bits of polish. They're not the updates that I want to see, or what most of my readers are anticipating, but they are what is feasible. The book is undergoing delays 'cause of course it is. Suffice to say, everything is still in progress, albeit glacially. I like to think that counts for something, and I will absolutely waste my breaks on horsewords and nothing but the horsewords.

In my last blog not related to my computer or other minor happenings, I talked about a new medication I was on. That I was hoping it would help my anxiety. I listed a symptom of this anxiety as being 'hyperarousal' which anyone who knows literally anything credible about anxiety-related conditions can say: yeah, not an anxiety symptom. Nice try, but no cigar Ice Star. This is where I'll admit, I purposely worded the condition as 'anxiety' and gave an idea of what the medication was actually made to treat on purpose. The medication sure was for hyperarousal, and the condition it typically occurs in. What it wasn't intended to treat was what I softened to 'anxiety' because anxiety doesn't have that as a symptom. Since medications of any kind that aren't intended to treat more physical issues generally come with a host of side effects, I wanted it to be known that I was taking on something new. Should I thrive on it, my increased productivity would make for a positive blog where who knows what could have been discussed.

...except, that wasn't the case. The medication I was put on in May was honestly a nightmare of... way, way, way too many side effects. I wasn't able to argue my way out of being on it as a trial until there was enough evidence that it wouldn't work for me. After having to deal with that and sitting through why I absolutely cannot have SSRIs for the 100th time (not that I want them, holy shit that would be a nightmare to go back to) I was able to finally get something that works... just in time for college to start up. Before I could get any real progress in writing done.

This blog could be an essay about how much that bothers me, so I'll move on. New horse pills. Ice Star was in generally decent shape. Hell yeah gamer, right?


Well, here comes the meat of the blog. That part in the title about the flu? Yeah, it isn't a joke, and here is the blog I'm making a sequel to, in some shape or form. This was meant to be a purely happy blog, one with far better writing put into it about how neato it is to have my laptop back and talk about how I'm incredibly excited that I'm now officially a pledge in the same fraternity as most of my friends... except, unfortunately... over the weekend I came down with what I eventually came to suspect was strep throat. Except, when I called my university health center, they pointed out that there is a symptom overlap with Covid-19 and strep throat. Am I vaccinated? Oh, sure. I'm also unable to fully rule out either in any meaningful way, especially when you throw in that I've had anosmia since middle school. This only doubled the fact that I'll be needing a covid test a few hours after this blog goes up, to make sure that I (hopefully) have strep throat instead. If the test comes back positive... well...

Quarantine Star, take two, I guess. I don't fell like I did last fall, when I got what was very likely a false negative and still had to be given some degree of quarantine anyway.

Regarding the new pony movie, I figured I should have a quick mention of this before I throw in the closing to this late-night installment in my ever-haphazard blogs. I didn't blog about the next generation of pony in the months that it was out or air out any of the releases related to writing, animation, voice actors, and so on in my blog because I wasn't interested. The movie is out and I still don't have any interest in watching it. The release of the next generation of ponies is not one that is going to impact my writing because I have no want to see it or write about that series. What keeps me around is the plethora of ideas I have to share about the series that did pull me here, and the other parts of previous generations of ponies that I enjoyed (while there were plenty of elements to them that I didn't care for either). Without anything to draw me to the new releases, be it anything that seems new and interesting or aspects that would have drawn me to G4 back in 2010, I have no reason to sit down and watch the movie. I don't even force myself to sit down and watch so-bad-their-good movies, so I'm not about to throw myself at something that couldn't grab me even with months of hype attempts and a trailer.

Though, if anyone was particularly ready to lunge at me in hopes of G5 content, I'll just direct you to this tag. Everything you want to read will be under here. I may be able to write like a machine at times, yet that doesn't mean I'm going to be shaking out a million words of every pony series from here on afterward. Here forever? Sure, to read things that I like and comment. As a writer and undying fan of absolutely anything MLP related as long as there are ponies ponies ponies? No way. Ponies are nice, though they're not a hook anymore. Hell, even being purely ponies wasn't what drew me to G4.

Should you need a little something to read in the meantime, this wonderful little story dedicated to a server I'm part of was released. It's fucking great, and a good bit of unforced wholesomeness. I highly suggest everyone give it a look, and also maybe get yourself some art from my boyfriend if you want to throw money somewhere since I don't take commissions.

Jeez, what a blog to go up when there are almost a thousand of y'all watching me now. I'm not sure whether to refrain from hacking up a lung with some long, long overdue shameless ego-blogging when the time comes or to urge y'all to touch grass.

Possibly both.

-Ice Star, Proud Owner of at Least Two Lungs

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'Academic' can be easily pronounced while coughing. Almost like they intended it to be that way.

I hope you get better! *hugs*

fuck i read the tags and im ga ynow

Glad to have you back on the horse :)

-Ice Star, Proud Owner of at Least Two Lungs

Only two?

how homosexual
At least two. They might even be mine.

Update: https://www.fimfiction.net/blog/965609/i-failed-the-test

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