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Librarian Returns! · 7:29am Aug 27th, 2021

Alright, I'm finally back after a bit of a hiatus.

Apologies for the delay, but things have been rather difficult irl. Specifically, a few mental and physical health issues cropped up and/or made a resurgence, and my bosses at work were less supportive than antagonistic. (trigger warning: very dark subject) A suicide attempt followed a couple of months ago, which is why I stopped writing.

Thankfully, the doctors have given me some decent medication now, and I'm currently engaging in a paradigm shift involving work which will hopefully make things easier in the long run.

As for my writing, I'm back at it, but I'm shifting things about slightly. I'll be focusing on getting a chapter of Fallout Girls out every week or so, as that's my main fic, but instead of working on doing a little bit of a chapter for each other story every day, I'm going to just pick a fic and work on a whole chapter of that alongside Fallout, then move on to the next one. That should help me get chapters out sooner, and it'll be a little bit easier on me.

Unfortunately, there's two fics that I'm currently looking at with concern.

The first is the third in my Cards Against series. I love writing Cards Against, but playing through a multiplayer game like that myself (for authenticity), keeping track of every card played, every character's hand, every answer, and all of the points, is a huge amount of work. On top of that, I picked a topic that has the potential to be awesome, but turned out to be mindbendingly difficult to write and make funny, at least for me. I'm going to go ahead and try anyway, but I can't speak for the quality of it. For those of you who don't mind missing out on the surprise, and yes, I asked permission to do it, the next entry will be Cards Against Idol Hooves.

Secondly, A Star Among Wizards. This is a difficult one for me, largely because of J K Rowling. Put simply, every time I hear about her I hate her a little more. If I point out that I have LGBT+ friends, specifically trans friends, maybe that'll explain why. Sadly, it's gotten to the point that I can't focus on the fic, or even read the Harry Potter books, without being reminded of just what a toxic slime she actually is. As you can imagine, that makes writing a story about it difficult, and at the moment I don't trust myself not to subconsciously turn the fic into yet another wizard-bashing hate-sink, and the world doesn't need any more of those. As such, this story is going on hiatus for now. I may pick it back up again at some point, but it's equally likely that I'll cancel it entirely. I'll see how I feel in future.

Anyway, that's the long and short of it. Apologies for such a downer post. On a more positive note, a particular legend sent me a MacBook, so I should be able to post chapters a little bit more frequently than previously.

Universal Librarian, signing off.

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I'm glad you're getting help, good luck with all of it! I'm cheering for you

Good to have you back. Take good care of yourself.

I’m really sorry to hear about the trouble you’ve been running into, it’s great that you’re starting to get back into the swing of things :)

Hey glad to see you’re back and feeling better

Nice to have you back but looking after yourself should take priority.

Meanwhile I’m going to end up having a nice backlog of chapters to read that’ll make reading Fallout Girls so satisfying.

Be safe.

Take your time to get better.
That is all i have to say.

Glad to hear the health issues are being resolved. As for the Rowling issue, the best attitude I've seen there is deliberately trying to write her world better than she ever did. Spite can be a fantastic motivator.

Still, definitely focus on what feels right for you. Looking forward to whatever that may be.

Welcome back, dude. I hope you feel better.

Just remember, don't push yourself for our sake. If you need to take longer between chapters, that's fine. You have to look out for number one, the rest of us can wait a bit.

He returns! Oh frabjous day! Callooh! Callay!

Good to have you back man, I missed you.

Welcome back, I'm glad that your feeling better now. Take your time and write what you want to write. We all will be here to support you so go at it and have fun!

I'm glad you're okay. :pinkiesad2:

Be very careful and mindful of your mood. Suicide attempts are much more likely in the twelve months following the initial attempt. Don't be afraid to lean on others for help or support. :heart:

Glad you are better now. The world is a better place with you in it!

And regarding the Rowling situation: Well, she is entitled to her opinions, even if they are bigoted.
Just remember, she once got major outrage heaped on her when she revealed that she imagined Dumbledore as gay. She is just a flawed human and was put on a pedestal before we got to know her.
She is wrong in my view, but I have better thing to do than to waste time on her.
Do with the Potterverse whatever you wish - she has no say in it if you dont want to.

oh, and about the A Star among Wizards story: it's refreshingly different than most other HPMLP stories in here, and I like your thought out approach to how events would play out if the characters were real as opposed to the author's whim.
The way you wrote the story, I could believe that human wizards just encountered friendly aliens from another magic dimension.
ok, Dumbledore is way too chill and in my mind it would help the story if you emphasized how much self control he needs to excert to maintain his composure, but you absolutely nailed Fudge!
It would be nice to explore how his Wizards-are-the-superior-race attitude holds up after realising that they play second fiddle to cute pastel ponies in many aspects of magic.

Just my two cents.
Cheers, mate!

I'm happy to see that you're still present as the world would be a worse place without you. For J.K Rowling I'm always trying to keep the artwork distant from the artist. Also I like the new art for the cover.

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