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Delay and Desist · 7:35pm Nov 11th, 2021

Just a couple of notices for the moment. First, Fallout Girls is going to be delayed for a week as I'm taking a couple of days to recuperate from things.

Second, I think I've said this before, but as soon as I'm back on form I'll start working on most of my others stories too

Third, and this is the main part, I will no longer be continuing with A Star Among Wizards. J K Rowling has come out with so much transphobic crap recently that it's pretty much poisoned Harry Potter for me. If someone else wants to continue the story, drop me a bell and I'll send over what plans I had for the story and it's sequels, but I'm not going to be going any further with it. I'll post what I have done of the next chapter, then I'm finished with it. Apologies to my readers.

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Understood. Best wishes.

Hello from Russia, I am writing through google translator, and I also read your stories through it, as I am not strong in your beautiful language. I just want to cheer up and wish to recover as soon as possible. All the best. Dosvidanye moi drug (Friend, not drugs)

Makes sense, good luck and happy writing

All we want is for you to be happy and healthy, don’t feel like you have to write for our sakes :)

love from canada


your beautiful language

:rainbowlaugh: Anybody who thinks they understand English should click the blue words. This language is a mess.

That's how I understand it, but the language is still beautiful. Russian language mess too.:derpytongue2:

I usually advocate for separating art from artist, but Rowling doesn’t make it easy. On the other hand, she says there’s one school of magic for all of North America, so I can’t take anything she says too seriously.

Still, I completely understand your distaste. May few if any other notable authors reveal themselves to be such abhorrent beings.

Though I do agree with your reasons and opinions, I kind of find it ironic that if a person attacks a person's view on subjects like this, it kind of makes them no better then that person.

Everyone is entitled to there opinion. You can't force a person to write in a way you think is right.

Hm exactly what is that Rowling has said that doesn't make it easy?

Some opinions are simply wrong.


On the other hand, she says there’s one school of magic for all of North America, so I can’t take anything she says too seriously.

Canada has about half the population of the UK, so all that really takes is American Muggles being superstitious and trigger-happy. (Mexico under the cartels isn't much better)

Understandable decision, to work on something from a source you loathe is not healthy. Take care and good luck!

First, her stance on trans issues is hardly recent, but whatever.

Second, most people ignore what Rowling says anyway.

Third, I'm always disappointed to see works villainized because of the political/religious/social views of their creators, especially when said views are not expressed - or even touched on - in said works. The Harry Potter books stand on their own merits, entirely apart from Rowling herself. If Harry Potter is poisoned for you now, it is entirely because you have allowed it to be poisoned. If I cast from my library every book written by someone whose personal opinions I disagreed with, I'd have nothing to read but my own works.

I'm disappointed to see such an entertaining and promising story go; I'm even more disappointed at the immature reason.

First off : Wish you all the happiness , just all of it . Second: I love all of your stories so far I have two favorites , fallout girls , and pokemon red and purple you are an amazingly talented writer . Hope everything goes well for you .

Originally, I wasn't too bothered by the issues with the series. It's problematic in many ways, but so are Lord of the Rings, the Cthulu Mythos, and even in some ways The Chronicles of Narnia, so I could look past it. Being a member of the LGBTQ+ community, however, and seeing friends personally hurt by her rhetoric, especially her most recent endorsement of Dave Chappelle's recent travesty by saying that 'Harry would have loved it', just tainted it beyond redemption for me.

I totally agree with separating the art from the artist on the whole, but I have more than a few trans/gender neutral people I look up to, and some I consider friends, who struggle with their mental health, and in worst scenario's have contemplated suicide because of the vile phobia Rowling is propagating. That makes it personal for me. I don't have the luxury of looking at this issue from a remove, and I know that what I feel is less than a fraction of what the trans community delays with on a daily basis. The other series' I mentioned have the luxury of their creators being long dead, and not able to directly hurt anyone anymore. The Harry Potter series doesn't have that luxury, and neither does Rowling, especially when transphobia is so prevalent that the even the BBC feels perfectly comfortable publishing and defending an article that all but outright states that trans women are all rapists (seriously, Google it, it's appalling).

As for the immature comment, probably not the most suitable sensible insult to use against an adult who has lost their passion for one particular children's series, and that's before we get into the mess of Rowling being a transphobic elitist.

My advice is to write the story JKR would hate. When I did my HP-Pony story I ran into a number of issues with the Harry Potter series. Turning Dumbledore into a villain proved surprisingly easy.

Still though. I can understand not wanting anything further to do with anything she created.

I've looked at the article, and while it is sensationalist it does bring up a very serious issue. I am a trans woman and the last thing I would want is for someone to be afraid to say no to a relationship or worse yet afraid to say no to sex because they might get ostracised by doing so. People can have their preferences without being called terfs or transphobic and no one should ever be pressured into doing anything they aren't comfortable with. I can only hope that it is a very small minority but the truth is it does happen. Even if it happened only once, it happened once too many.

Naturally, any sexual assault is utterly abhorrent, and refusing a relationship (physical or otherwise) with a trans person isn't inherently transphobic, but the BBC's sources for this article are almost entirely from known anti-trans groups, with only a single trans person being consulted.

As for the pressuring of lesbians into sex, while I have no doubt that it has happened on occasion and needs to be stamped out as thoroughly as any sexual assault, the article blows it out of proportion. Lily Cade was originally cited and the only lesbian who stated that she had been pressured into sex with a trans person, though her contribution has been taken down. The reason they took down her contribution? The incident in question happened on a porn set (she's a porn star), she agreed to work with the actress when she saw pictures, but on the day of the shoot refused when she found out that the actress was post-op trans because the actress had 'male genitalia turned into female, not a natural vagina'. The shoot was then called off at her request. She was not forced to go through with it at all, which the BBC either didn't bother researching, or didn't care to include. After the article was published, it also came to light that Lily Cade is very vocal about transphobia, even go so far as to demand a genocide against trans people. The fact that she herself also has several allegations of sexual assault against women which she ended up publicly apologising for makes her claim of being pressured into sex with a trans person (which, as mentioned, was not true), a clear attempt at smearing the trans community.

I agree that the article does have a valid point at its core, sexual assault needs to be taken seriously, but the BBC using primarily anti-trans activists and a known transphobic sex offender, both of which can be discovered with a short Google search, is astonishingly bad journalism at best, and a thinly-veiled attack on the trans community at worst.

I agree. JK Rowling has gotten so awful in recent years.


Disappointed about the fic being kiboshed, but completely understand and sympathize with the reasoning.

I wanted to see were the fic was going, it was awesome.


Is there any way to read the story now?

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