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I just need a little emotional support right now. x.x · 9:54am August 5th

UPDATE: Read my comment below for updates. Also, updated the main blog post too at the bottom with a link to my Ko-fi page.

JUST when I thought life was going better, it throws a curveball at us. I finally hear I got a steady job, where I will be able to stay. I finally am going to have enough extra cash to get better internet. I finally was able to afford a new laptop that can help me do everything else easier! And what happens?
Sometime today (and I've been here all day) our landlord came by, DIDN'T knock, and left a note on our door of an eviction notice. AN EVICTION NOTICE! breathes heavily. We still have about 2 months (end of September, which is when our lease would expire and we would need to renew) but they DID NOT KNOCK! My roomie just found the note when she came home after work. I've had lights on, the window open, he could easily have SEEN I was home, and he didn't knock to give us this note? Now, there is no way I can sleep, and as such no way I can go to work tomorrow because of lack of sleep. Both of us now have anxiety that is climbing Mount Everest its so high.
The office doesn't open until 10am, so can't do much until then, but this is just utterly ridiculous. We've given them no reason to evict us. We've been good rental customers. We always get our rent paid by the 5th of each month (a little late this month since roomie got paid late, but we were still planning on paying tomorrow, the 5th, which is their 'due by or else you pay more' date. Sure we have our cat, our ESA cat, whom we got permission to have with the roomie's papers stating she needed an ESA cat from the proper authorities. Even if we didn't have the papers, they changed the rules recently to allow pets, with an extra fee each month.
Did they bring anything up about this fee the last few months of rent payment since they changed it though? No! Roomie has even tried calling them about it to see if we needed to worry and they never called her back. She emailed them as well, still no dice.
I just don't know what to do and so came to vent here since I sure as heck am not sleeping tonight now! sighs
Talked to a few friends on Discord who have helped me a little bit at least tonight. Have a few ideas of what I could do now, but need to wait to see what the landlord says in the morning. Still, I really need the emotional support right now, my lovely fans, so anything you can say that might help is appreciated!

UPDATE: A friend of mine mentioned I should link my ko-fi page on here too, and I think that a great idea! (Was too tired last night when posting this to think of that I guess. Heh.) So here is my kofi link to in anyone wants it.

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It will be OK. It could just be a mistake, or they could have found a new tenant for when your lease expires because they didn't realise you wanted to renew - but if you have to move, you've got time to prepare, and you'll find somewhere new (and it might be even better!) And in the meantime you have friends and fans who care about you. It will be OK.

That is what I'm worried about, that they found someone new. We've been here almost 3 years though, so don't know why they would think we wouldn't want to stay? Might just be with a new tenant they can charge more rent though, who knows? True though, we have time to prepare, and can hopefully find somewhere new! (This place is perfect for where I work atm, as it is literally right across the street from work. Less than a 5min walk to get to work which I LOVE.)
*Hugs tight* I do indeed, you all are awesome and I don't know what I would do without you. ^,^

Can you please add me on discord, friend?

My discord is @PrinceOfDarkness#4103

Did they give a pretense for evicting you? You might be able to fight it if it's not a no-fault eviction.

Hmm my limited knowledge of land lord laws tells me this was very illegal. One Landlord have to give notice when they want to visit. As long as your living there it’s your house and your private residence. Your just paying the land lord for that right. Second landlord can’t evict with out notice

Firstly, land law varies across jurisdictions and so without knowing where we're talking about, you can't say for certain whether something was legal or not. Secondly, the end of a fixed term lease is unfortunately usually a solid reason for eviction, or else if you were a landlord all leases would basically be infinite. Unless there are specific terms in the contract about how the lease ends (and there might be! Please check!), then from an armchair lawyer perspective the Queen's only real hope is likely to be that (a) this is an admin error triggered by the upcoming end of the lease, and they didn't realise they wanted to extend, and (b) they haven't found someone else to move in yet.

Welp, that didn't do much good. We're very likely to be kicked out of our apt. for no other reason than the owner has decided not to renew our lease. (The owner doesn't live/work here, he has someone else live her to take care of things for him so don't even know the owner). The worker they have here said he would call the owner and see if he can get us on a month to month lease for awhile until we can find someplace else, but that would just be if the owner is feeling generous.
We do have 60 days to vacate, so there is that notice, its not right away. Also the wording of the note they gave us made it 'more scary' than it was 'supposed' to be? Worker said its 'not an eviction, just that the owner decided not to renew the lease.' Also the worker didn't come inside and I don't think the owner was here? He just told the worker what to do and he gave the orders from what I understand?
Yep that is it. Was the end of a fixed lease they decided not to extend. x.x Need to find where we put it to see if there are specific terms....
We might be able to go month to month and with that, thanks to the price of rentals going up and a fee for not going on a full year contract, we would need to pay an extra $110 bucks a month. x.x We could do that, for the time being at least.

Sorry to hear my stuff wasn’t any help

*hugs tight* It's okay, I still am grateful for any help even if it is just that emotional support right now. :heart:

Blah, that's disappointing. Just remember people care about you and we're here to listen :twilightsmile:

Hey, it's just nice to see people being friendly and trying to help :heart: hope I didn't come across as too negative!

It's good that it isn't an eviction because that would stay on your record for future places. I'd make sure that there's no way it could be interpreted as an eviction.

Indeed, and I am grateful for that. *hugs tight* Every little bit helps!

For sure! The worker made sure to tell us 'no it isn't an eviction so it won't stay on your record' which is VERY good as It's already hard enough to find places to live here! To deal with something like that on our record would just make things worse. Just really scared us with how the paper is worded, but then I feel that is normal that they (in general) like scaring poor renters like us. x.x

That's good to hear! I hope things work out for you and your roommate. :rainbowkiss:

What a spineless coward your landlord is. Evicting you with a bucking letter while you were home.

Sending all the emotional support I can your way and hope it works out.

I really hope so too. The two of us at least have good enough credit that if we *have* to we can get a loan for a trailer or something. Just a way to be able to keep living and everything. heh.

SO much so! Heh my roomie would be glad to hear she is not the only one thinking him a spineless coward. (Well other than me I mean thinking it.)
Thanks Atom, I could use all of that, that I can get! *hugs*

I’m sorry for your current circumstances, and hope you are able to without great effort or hardship find another place to live as fast as possible. I am not sure if you covered the reason eviction, but what was it? Didn’t evictions get a moratorium due to COVID-19, and extended recently? However this plays out for you know that your fans are pulling and hoping for you. A rule I use in such times should anything tempt me to feel bitter or rage, is that this situation is not misfortune, but to bear it worthily is good fortune. Meaning don’t allow this to upset you, nor stop you and your progress in life. We are not so much affected by events, but the view we take from them. While this is incredibly inconvenient and stressful for you, this could be lead to better things. you might find a better place to live out of this crappy chain of events. If we approach a situation with dread and bereft of hope then we have already lost, but if approached with a mindset optimism whatever follows can only be better regardless of outcome. You are sure to know good and fortunate times again and you need only believe it to feel better.

I pray my mental crutch I use to navigate dark and stressful times in my life aids in your time in need, and hope when next I hear from you that are in a better place, physically and emotionally.

Very respectfully and Sincerely

*hugs tight* Thanks, I hope so too! This kind of stuff always gives me a huge headache, I guess I am just not good at this adulting thing? XD
I think we did for awhile, but from what I have heard the moratorium just ended for most people this last Saturday, unless you are in a place Covid is still running rampant. It's not too bad here right now, very few cases, so we don't fall into that category sadly.
I am grateful for that too. You all are awesome and help me feel at least a little better if nothing else. We all need that positive support, no matter how it comes, to get through life and its hard times. That is true, we have been trying to get out of here (housing market just kind of sucks right now x.x) so this might just be the extra annoying push to do so and find that better place. I'll try not to let it upset me, heh, will probably work better when I am not so tired and occupied by some TMI stuff that is making me overly emotional. I'll do my best to be positive, as that is what one should do. Otherwise yeah, we've already lost if we don't. So yeah, all I can say is I will do my best (because as Yoda said 'there is no try, only do' or something like that.)
I hope it will too *hugs* and hopefully we can get this all figured out soon and quickly. ^.^ Thanks so much for all your kind words!

reach to us if you need it and don’t think of it as TMI. In hard and trying times helping hands are needed from time to time. We are there for you, should you need it, just as you are for us. Stories like yours have provided a brief welcome distractions to the pitfalls we experience day in, day out in this world that at best ambivalent to our existence and cruel at it’s worst. You are stronger than you think you are, simply by posting a story on this format for all to see and judge it’s merit. What could possibly be more courageous than then to have a work of passion be displayed for all to praise and ridicule alike. “ look well within yourself, there will always be a font of strength, if you would only look.”
I use this link for morale and mental crutches to use in life and hope it helps you, as it has me. https://youtu.be/Hu0xDtK3g3Q

Warning: it is taken from an individual who lived 2000 years ago, so modern terminology and ideals don’t mesh at times but the overall message is the key.

*hugs tight* Thanks, and sorry about the late reply! I shall indeed do so. ^.^ I agree we all need a helping hand when things get tough. Aww you are so sweet, and I get that exactly. Others stories do the same for me, a distraction from the insanity of our world, the hardships we go through each and every day. They help one smile on those kinds of days, or at least entertain us for a time. *hugs you tightly again.* I do try my best to be strong for sure, and posting stories on here has helped! That is true for sure, the struggle for any artist of any type, be it painting, singing, acting or writing, and the things inbetween, is hard for any of us to put ourselves out there and display our talents for others to judge.
Oooh looks like something that can for sure help me! (When I first saw the warning I expected it to be the words of another famous individual from around that time. This one works well too though. Shall watch it soon as yes, the message is the key.)
Thanks for your thoughts and the link! *hugs* You are just so sweet. <3

Ah, not that guy ,although he does make good points in the philosophical portions of his teachings, not the person I was speaking of. The person I speak of was Marcus Aurelius, a Roman emperor and stoic philosopher, who lived about a century and half later ( if i am remember my classical period timeline right), and he tended to be more on centering yourself within nature while maintaining your virtues. The link I provided was to a summation of his meditations, as his works where musings over the course of twenty years and he tended to repeat himself on his thoughts. It does it some justice but loses some of the poetic aspects of its original Latin version. I will say his original meditations is also available in English if you want to give it a listen.
With the warning I gave, it is just that being a person of the time he was in, some phrasing of his thoughts come as geared to the male gender, or antagonistic in nature e.g. “ bear this like a brave man” or “ do your job and never complain”. With the first example, given the times we are in now we can supplement the pronouns as needed to fit our needs. However, with the second he is merely saying never give in to negative emotions even inwardly. I have felt it a little unfair to judge a person who has been dead for two millennia, at this point by today’s standards ( and unfortunately they very often are. Not that I am saying you are going to, but I wanted to provide some context), when the underlying message is the key. We can craft their thoughts to better suite our needs in present time values without losing the message. That is great thing of philosophy, it is like us is always in flux.
But, Oh look at me, how I do love to rant. With all seriousness I do hope it helps you as it has me.
Whenever you find yourself feeling anxious, uneasy or in bad times, always remember a gem can not polished with out friction, nor person perfected without trials. However, should you need it we are here to help in anyway we can.

Hopes and best wishes my friend
May your tomorrows always find you better then you left the previous day. :pinkiehappy:

Yep, both make a lot of good points in what they teach, the one you were speaking of was just not the one I first thought of, lol. Which is good, I know in my time in nature in the past it has helped center me, while I've been able to keep true to myself. I might just need to listen to the originals too sometime then *nods* as these have been interesting. But yeah, it seems that is often how it is when something is translated, always loses a little bit of the original meaning.
I'm used to that kind of stuff anyway I think, (the world still seems to think much of the time that the male gender is better than female x.x) and all those old 'manisms' like your example are for sure phrased awkwardly for our current times. But yeah, can just drop in the pronouns we want instead.
*Nods* I got ya, I am not one who is generally quick to judge. And I agree, good advice that we can adjust to fit our own time better. yeah part of why I wouldn't mind studying some more philosophy, it is so interesting as we interpret it for our own day.
Lol you're fine, I don't mind when someone has such passion about something, as I know I've been there plenty of times! XD It has a little for now, I think, hopefully more as the days go on.
So true, we go through these trials to make us better people, refine us into the person we are meant to be. No matter how hard it is at the time, we'll be able to look back in the end and see ourselves are better for what happened (hopefully lol). *Hugs tight* I'm glad to hear so, as I know I can always use that kind of support! :heart:

Thanks, I need all the hope and wishes I can get! <3
That is all I can hope for, and generally I think it does, bit by bit. ^.^

my dear friend.
May I ask you if it is not too forward, do you read any fanfics on this site? I ask this as many authors that I have questioned have said that they wished to, but are to busy due to a combination of writing and life. If your are able use some of these stories as an escape, one or two chapters a night. Do it as reward to yourself, simple table the events and your thoughts for day and drift in a narrative. Authors I like if you check them out, starscribe ( lot of good stuff “voyage the equinox”, “message in a bottle”), tom117z ( he has got a great series where twilight is chrysalis’s daughter “change “, “sparkle in the darkness”), Skijaramaz ( “scarlet”, “little glimpses series” ) , Scarheart (his best “ I, Chrysalis”, while not finished still a great read.). There many great titles and great reads as you know, if you are able let them take you away from troubles or at least a brief rest from them, as your, and their stories have continuously done for me in my time of need.
Hope are doing better through Marcus’s meditations and hope are able to get some reading done in Equestria as reward to yourself at night ( or whenever you are able).

Hello. ^.^

No, not too far forward at all! I do try to read what others are writing, especially changeling fics of course :raritywink: Is usually what I read before bed or while I eat lunch and the like? (Since offline life has me too stressed out to write atm, plenty of good time for readin'.) Have even read a lot of the authors you listed and follow them, (I'm still waiting eagerly for tom117z to continue with that Twilight is Chrysalis's daughter series. It left off at such a huge cliffhanger! :fluttercry:) Have read some of stars stuff, lots of Skijaramaz's (I LOVE the detail they put into their stories!) Scarhearts I, Chrysalis was great and I wish he had finished it! But yes indeed, recently caught up with Skijaramaz's newest story, Rise and Shine, and reallly wanting to read more! XD Heh we really like a lot of the same authors there. ;) Oh for sure I do, and I have like a million more I want to read. (Looks at her library of 14k+ chapters to read... should probably work on that better... :P ) Currently keeping up mostly with KKSlider's Changing Expectations and applezombi's Rekindled Embers, for ongoing stories at least, some other random ones too.
I agree, they do help take my mind off troubles of the day and let me get lost in another world for a time. You are so sweet, and I'm glad my stories have done so for you. <3
*nods* I think they are helping at least a little yes, which is what matters. ^.^ A little fun each day helps things go well or at least better.

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