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oi, how y'all feelin'? · 6:33am June 16th

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Why does ponnish look like Jason Voorheese from Friday the 13th part VII: The New Blood?

Hey, where's the option for "disgruntled pastel horse stranded on a planet inhabited by bipedal apes?" :rainbowlaugh: :derpytongue2:

i feel that teluge fits that best lol

teluge looks the most annoyed

Where on earth is this from lol?

significantly more disturbed than I was 5 seconds ago

So, Loric means I'm feeling Ditto... huh. Maybe I should get me some of that Thalasin, I could use a good skin-stretchin'!

I’m feeling, “What did I just see.”

Definitely Kyne

send help, please

I'm feeling like I woke up from a 15 hour nap... I mean, I did, but still...

Hmm… I’m feeling a bit loric today, how bout you?

So take Thalasin and summon the Great Old Ones?

Dorcelessness fits me fairly good at the moment with just a hint of ponnish and trantiveness.

sometimes, i wonder what dorcefulness is.

It is the complete lack of emotion with the void left from that being temporarily filled with eldritch intent.

I ended up making something in minecraft that I'm not entirely sure is a real shape.

Yeah it is flowing from square to triangle to [insert eldritch shape here] and back again flowing like a liquide.

Yeah I should probably delete that world shouldn't i.

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