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Lost One of my Nine Lives · 7:23pm May 1st, 2021

Nearly got killed in an elevator today. Very first day of moving into a new building. We are definitely not staying.

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:twilightoops: Oh dear. Be careful while you're still within reach of that elevator.

Thankfully, the maintenance guy was able to break through the top and get us out with a ladder. It was horribly unsafe, an elevator that never should have been in service, and I seriously worried we would suffocate before the firefighters got there. The person I was with had a claustrophobia attack.

I learned that I apparently don't suffer from that!

As someone who has actually enjoyed his time trapped in an elevator I do request further details. What in the wide wide world of sports happened?

Author Interviewer

uhh o.o

I'm glad you're not dead D:

My sister and I were moving into a new apartment. We were getting our stuff and making use of the cargo elevator they told us to use, but it broke down immediately, sealing us inside.

After it failed to work, we had to call the front office, who were heading out the door, and they said they'd "talk to" the maintenance person. We didn't hear anything for a few minutes and it was starting to get hot - this was an ancient elevator with no service phone, just an alarm and buttons, and it was virtually airless - so we called again and they said the maintenance guy was on the way.

We called emergency services when it seemed like he wasn't able to get us out, but he had us jump up and down to activate it enough to get it low enough that he could lower a ladder for us, and we managed to climb out the shaft. Unfortunately, my sister is severely claustrophobic, and she had a panic attack, but we managed to go to a friend's place and she's okay.

Unsurprisingly, we will not be taking the lease.

Glad you're okay. I do bougie health food delivery and so many fucking apartment and condo elevators haven't been inspected in several years. I remember at this one two story plaza-style office center where I did a outpatient therapy for my depression and anxiety and ADHD the elevator had last been inspected in like fucking 2012

I’m so sorry to hear that, but glad you’re okay! Best of luck finding a better apartment.

Glad you're okay, that's terrifying! I hope your move goes well.

The elevator breaking down on the first day is concerning.

Management saying "We'll talk to maintenance" as a response to someone being trapped in said elevator is a giant red flag lit up with strobe lights.

They didn't even bother to come check on us, they just left for the day, leaving everything to the maintenance guy.

Yikes! Glad you're okay! Yeah, pulling the ripcord on that place is the smart thing to do.

ok it was bad before, but that's horrifying. Every time I've had someone trapped in an elevator at work or found someone trapped in an elevator I've sat with them until help arrives, even if they aren't bothered by it. The only time I leave is when the elevator techs arrive and that's to give them the elevator keys and show them the elevator room. After that I generally return to the trapped person.

I'm not up on US law, but that sounds like criminal negligence.

Oh, dear! I'm glad it was only nearly. Good luck finding a new and better dwelling and quickly.

That's awful! I'm glad you two made it out, and best of luck finding someplace better!

Comment posted by Walabio deleted Oct 31st, 2021

Jesus dude

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