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A Review of Zack Snyder's Justice League · 6:59pm Mar 21st, 2021


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Not a fan of that aspect ratio huh?

I heard it was four freaking hours. :twilightoops:

Not only did my dad love it, he called me twice in two days to ask if I'd seen it already, and wants to rewatch all the Snyder Superman movies from scratch. My own blood. I feel so betrayed.

He fucking fell asleep halfway through and skipped like an entire hour of the thing though so like, I wonder what "I loved the movie" means in this context. Maybe you need to be a dad to get it.

Simple, but effective.

It was the best thing because it reminded me of the old WB Cartoons.

The movie is generally a cartoon.

But not in a good way.

If I had to pick the one scene that I hated the most, it would be the Joker scene.

Yes. It is. And ends on a terribly over-sung cover of 'hallelujah' that goes on for 8 minutes and does the thing where the music cuts so that the singer can warble gently into your ear like a cat being run over by a horny beaver.


I'm unfriending your father on Facebook.

Well I wasn't gonna, but I definitely ain't now.

Also 4 hours?! You cray girl. :twilightoops: That reminds me, I have to watch Far From Home and I'll be all caught up for WandavVsion and Falcon/Winter Soldier.

I loved Far From Home. A lot of people seem to hate this version of Spider-man but I think he's great, and Far From Home was just a really enjoyable film.

I only wish Zack Snyder directed it.


Yeah, this version of Peter has been my favorite. I've heard good things about Far From Home, so I'm really excited!

Author Interviewer

Did they keep the "we live in a society" line in, or did Snyder get butthurt about people making fun of him and remove it?

No, but seriously, this is a very important question and I'm a very important person and it is very important to me that I know. Does a canon Joker in a canon movie say canonically: "We live in a society"?
Because that would be stupid enough to make the whole thing worth it, honestly, and it is the sort of stupid dog shit that Snyder is "good" at doing.

No. It is NOT in the movie. I was also wondering where it went to.

I went back to watch the trailer again and it was clearly ADRed ONTO the trailer.

Meaning that it was never ACTUALLY in the movie, and Zack intentionally put that in the trailer to bait the fans.

Which honestly makes it worse.

However, the Joker scene in the movie is far, far, far less impressive than I thought. It's basically 5 minutes of Joker straight up dropping exposition with zero context and zero subtleties to explain the entire backstory of their relationship and also what happened to everyone, in the middle of the desert, while everyone else is watching because, you know, that's the perfect time to sum up the reason why Batman hired him.

It's awfully written.

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