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Addendum: Trump Banned from Twitter. · 3:39am Jan 9th, 2021

I was going to make this post merely a :raritystarry: emoji.

But then Trump attempted to use the official POTUS government account to circumvent his ban, and all his tweets got deleted. And then he used his campaign's digital director's account, changing the profile name and avatar. Twitter suspended him five minutes later. And he managed to get one tweet before being suspended, saying he was sending his login info to another infamous reich-wing pundit!

It may be five years too late, but dang if it ain't cathartic.

Insert reaping/sowing meme here.

Comments ( 15 )

For that creature to reap what they showed would require them to understand what they've done, and that is impossible.

Alternate "comedic" answer: BUT AT LEAST IT'S NOT CLINTON 🙃

lol what a fucking dumbass

5432005 Well, Trump isn't exactly known for his brains or common sense.

Asshole never learns, does he? Watch him try to make an alt and realize, "Oh no, they all actually need to find and follow me again." He then gets new pundit to direct his followers to new account, Twitter catches it, bans alt, lather-rinse-repeat.


Only twelve more days...

And then he used hi his campaign's digital director's account, changing the profile name and avatar. Twitter suspended him five minutes later.


What a fucking brainlet


Twitter was Trump’s version of the plastic Hitler radios. It was a direct channel from demagogue to their followers so they could only hear them & their twisted point of view.

They should have taken it away from him after his first false equivocation.

Now he’s like an incompetent internet troll who is raising his fists to the sky because he can’t outsmart the mods.

It's about damn time that Twitter finally shuts him up. I seriously can't stand him and all the baseless claims he made about the election being rigged. Not only is he the Caillou of presidents, but he's also a terrible human being for inciting violence in the country. Time's up, orange dictator!


I wonder what Milo has to say about that.


God these jokes are the best and I hope they never get old

Rationally, I would have to say that it's "Too Little Too Late".

But emotionally, I'm like :rainbowlaugh: :rainbowlaugh: :rainbowlaugh: :rainbowlaugh: :rainbowlaugh:

Thank you big corporation for banning the bloviating orange retard from the defacto public square! It's so great that we can trust all the major corporations to do the right thing and take away his ability to say dangerous things to his followers.


And yet both China and Turkey are still allowed to publish unhyperbolic genocidal propaganda from their verified accounts about the Uyghurs and the Armenians respectively. 🤔 It's almost like they don't actually care.

5432722 Twitter only acted because of the optics. The backlash became too big for them to ignore, started to threaten their bottom line. That hasn't happened for China or Turkey, yet, and likely never will.

That's corporate capitalism for ya.

5432706 That's exactly where I'm at :rainbowlaugh:


You are goddamn right. It feels like so many people have been caught up in the fever of this that they've forgotten that. It gives me hope to see that is not the case.

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