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The Fanfiction Drinking Game · 4:58pm Aug 6th, 2020

Take a shot (of soda, if you prefer) every time:

-A chapter ends with someone passing out unconscious.

-A paragraph is needed to describe the appearance of a new character.

-Two people speak in a paragraph instead of separating them out like you should.

-Pinkie Pie breaks the fourth wall to the reader.

-Discord references Jean-Luc Picard or Q.

-Someone uses warnings in the description of a story.

-The author says "It gets better later on."

-Another Element of Harmony is introduced.

-An OC says the author's opinion.

-Fluttershy stutters or uses small words.

-Twilight's explanation of something is summarized sarcastically.

-The words orbs or (insert color here)s are used instead of eyes.

-The word smirk is used.

-A pony swears when it's not an AU.

-A comment says, "Loving it! Looking forward to the next chapter!"

-The author has to explain or reiterate why they wrote what they wrote in the author's notes to stave off flame wars.

-The colors red or black are used.

-A human arrives in Equestria.

-This happens: "..."

-Extra attention is given to something the author found especially funny.

-One of the Mane Six falls in love.

Report BradyBunch · 212 views · #fanfic
Comments ( 22 )

YESSS!!!! Soda! Gimme dat creamy soda plz. The kind that is all foamy and almost sweeter than Chrys.

... Well if I drink to all of these I'm gonna be dead.

I have committed almost all of these sins. >.<

I've kermited one. Screw you pinkie. *drinks*

I love a good ellipses, if they're used in the right place. I don't think I've ever referred to eyes as orbs though.


Two people speak in a paragraph instead of separating them out like you should.

That doesn't deserve a shot, that deserves a stern talking to.

*drags you by your ear* Nope! (Lol)

Just imagine if all of these applied to just one MLP story we haven’t seen or heard of.

I admit, I’m guilty of four of those.

"Hey you!" he said. "What?" I said back. "You shouldn't clump up dialog into one big paragraph," he said. "Why not?" "Because it confuses the reader and it makes it hard to follow who is talking." "No, I don't believe you." "Really? You mean you didn't learn that in school?" "No, I didn't. I went to the School of Friendship where they just teach you about apples and sewing and how they relate to friendship." "Please stop doing this. I'm losing track of who's talking." "Who is talking?" "You are." "No you are!" "You are!" "No you are!" "No you are!" "No I am!" I/he/it/she said (I forgot).

Ponies swearing, a chapter ending with a character passing out (though only a few times), using the word smirk, and telling people that it gets better later on, (though in my defense, I only ever added that part afterwards, because my writing legitimately did get better over time.)

why do i feel called out?

Why not Coca Cola?!?! I know that everypony who reads this will SCREAM, but I don't like soda.

*Reads my own stories* Looks like I'm drinking myself to death.

I have a name. :flutterrage:

I'm especially guilty for the...


I don't know why I used that so much.

Welp...may as well save us all the trouble and time...
*drinks an entire bottle of Fireball*

Dude, your blog posts (just skimmed them) are hilarious haha. Keep 'em coming.

Someone uses warnings in the description of a story.

~Drinks Pepsi~

Pinkie Pie breaks the fourth wall to the reader.

~Drinks again~

This happens: "..."

Gawd, are you trying to kill me?
~Glug glug~

Twilight's explanation of something is summarized sarcastically.


Excuse me while I go dive into a pool of soda.

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