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  • 1 week

    (Also, I got some commissions done.)

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  • 1 week
    It’s back!

    I have resumed writing my Sunset poetry story, Atychiphobia! I have also reformatted previous chapters because there were some inconsistencies. If you downloaded the story, I would suggest doing so again to get the cleaner version.

    Expect more updates on this story and others shortly.

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  • 2 weeks
    Something I've Always Been Curious About

    (But never asked my followers before . Though, I'll do now for fun.)

    please don't destroy this blog :C

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    Regarding Bibliography (Or Something Similar)

    Hi guys! I had a question for some of y'all. I've been teasing that true crime-y/NSFW gore story project for a while. It's currently 7/11 chapters into it's first act. I have the eighth on the backburner while I work on Enemy of Mine first, of course. I don't normally do research on stories or for their content beyond "How can I make a pun out of this?" and "How does this thing work?"

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  • 2 weeks
    Ask Me Anything Blog: I Lost Track of the Number Edition

    It's that time again. Ice Star is bored between writing again. Ask me stuff. Story questions, writing questions, and about-the-author questions are all good. Most questions are. Just don't be a dick, I guess.

    Plus, there are a lotta not-fun things in people's feeds lately.

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hello all my beautiful hobgoblins · 3:11am July 4th

My good friend Regidar has written an awesome new story. It is mighty thicc and also has two lovely perks such as: a) containing emotions and b) shrubbery.

If you like high-quality horse words and want to retain two functional kidneys, here’s the story for you.

I even got to read an early version at one point! A few years ago!

And yes, I’m back to writing my own main project and making good progress. No need to bug me about it.

TTwilight Under The Bodhi Tree
In the last days of Twilight Sparkle's life, her daughter Glitter tries to make sense of her death.
Regidar · 9.4k words  ·  73  11 · 578 views
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Are ya writing, son?

Are ya winning, son?

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