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    Short Hand: Dates with Shepherd - Fluttershy

    Shepherd: I've known her the longest, and she's been fairly obvious... Okay blindingly obvious with her affections. So let's just man up and ask her. Clearly, she's too shy to just say it.

    He knocks on Fluttershy's door

    Fluttershy: Opens it "Oh... H-Hello Shepherd. It's so nice to see you, how are you?"

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  • Sunday
    Short Hand: The Royal Personal Trainer 1

    After the Changeling Invasion and the wedding, Shepherd was trying to relax in the armor and weapons from the Ancient Human Archives he'd pilfered for the fight in a small, unoccupied room in the palace. After some time, Princess Celestia entered, sat down next to him, and began eating cakes too.

    Shepherd: "... You okay?"

    Celestia: "... Shepherd. Do you think I'm weak?"

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  • Saturday
    Short Hand: The Dark Emperor Shepherd 4

    Meanwhile, in the Canterlot Palace...

    Fancypants: "News, my more dread lord! The Griffin Legions have sworn fealty to you and pledge their undying loyalty!"

    Shepherd: "Is that good news though?"

    Fancypants: "Well, once they learned that a human wrote their holy book, it really was inevitable."

    Shepherd: "Dare I ask what their holy book is?"

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  • Saturday
    Short Hand: The Dark Emperor Shepherd 3

    The Elements of Harmony meet in the Golden Oaks Library-Or, as Dash was calling it "Super Awesome Resistance Headquarters."

    Twilight: "All right. Shepherd invited us to see him in the palace. This can only mean one thing!"

    Applejack: "A trap!"

    Pinkie: "Snacks!"

    Spike: "Trap snacks!"

    Twilight: "Yes! It has to be a trap!"

    Fluttershy: "Um, so... We don't go?"

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  • Thursday
    The Stars Revolt! The Human Archives 4

    Once again, somewhere in the human archives...

    Shepherd: "Okay, let's try this again. Door Gamma-Epsilon 887. What do you contain?"

    He opens the door. Inside is... A small pool of water in a stone fountain of some kind.

    Shepherd: "A pool of water. The container is stone-looked carved. But no obvious cultural origin..."

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The Stars Revolt: Trap · 1:43am July 1st

Dash: "I bet you that you can't catch Twilight with a book."

Shepherd: "I... Why?"

Dash: "Because it would be funny."

Shepherd: "And the stakes?"

Dash: "... Twenty bits."

Shepherd: "You're on."

And so...

Shepherd: "Hmmm... I need to be really diabolical about this..."

He puts a book entitled "DON'T READ THIS BOOK" under a box held up by a stick

And hides

And waits

Dash: Hiding with him "She won't fall for it."

Shepherd: "If you're so confident, why did you make the bet?"

Dash: "I dunno, I just do things and then think about them later."

Shepherd: "Or never."

Dash: "Hey! Anyway, it won't work because a box held up by a stick is stupid!"

Shepherd: "Works for Bugs Bunny."

Dash: "At least put some effort into this stupid-!"

A bell rings. The box is down. Shepherd and Dash walk over to the box, and lift it up

Twilight: "..."

Shepherd: "..."

Dash: "... SERIOUSLY?!"

Twilight: “DON'T JUDGE ME!”

Spike: “Celestia told him about the time she used it on Twi.”

Twilight: "How could I resist?!"

Dash: "You could have noticed the FREAKING BOX!"

Twilight: “I just kind of ignored it?”

Dash: “You know the worst part of all this? I’M OUT TWENTY BITS!”

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Comments ( 7 )

Bookhorse gonna book, Dash. I don't know what to tell you.

The cruelest part of the whole setup is that when she flips it open, it’s just an empty journal of blank pages...


Or worse, its just a prop and cannot be opened at all :twilightangry2:

Worse, it's a logical paradox: "But, how do I know not to read the book without reading the title? That's reading the book! This book makes no sense!" :twilightoops:

"I did warn you not to read it."

At least what happened to Papyrus in this Undertale animation didn’t happen to Shepherd (watch at the 2:57 mark):

This is a reference to a story on the frontpage, How to Catch a Twilight, isn't it?

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