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I have a serious question to pose to the Fimfiction populace. · 9:07pm May 22nd, 2020

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This is Exterminatus-level heresy. You're lucky I live on this planet.

Majin Syeekoh

‘tis but a simple query, sir.

It smell like heresy in here!

Voting no because this thought has literally not crossed my mind once in the history of ever and change is scary and bad.

Yes to all inquiries.

How the fuck do you boil pizza?!

Also, pizza-pone is a little cute, I'll give you that.

Where's the god-dammit Syeekoh option?

Why, of course. It sounds delicious.
I still voted no.

Boiled pizza?! What kind of absolute insanity would spawn such an abomination? :rainbowhuh:

Just imagine it. What could have been a perfectly delightful and crisp pizza, boiled. The dough is soggy and waterlogged, contaminated by lukewarm water disgustingly flavored with trace amounts of pizza. The toppings are sliding off, if any still somehow remain through boiling. You can forget the notion of sauce; all of it's gone, only exacerbating the taste of the diluted pizza water. All you have is a horrible, unpalatable mess.

*dies inside* :pinkiesick:

I name thee hypocrite, for a proper citizen of the Imperium would be all too ready to lay down their lives to banish such unspeakable heresy in the name of the Emperor!

Accept your fate now, mortal. We shall all die to contain this madness.

Comment posted by Yutah123 deleted May 22nd, 2020

Why must you insist on being vile?

I thought this was just plain regular important. It was far from that...It was absolutely urgent!

Thank you for the daily reminder that you are completely out of your godsdamned mind.

Peetzer is indeed adorable.

Boiled Pizza? Not adorable.

Fried Pizza? Possibly adorable.

GODDAMMIT SYEEKOH!! :pinkiesick:

How can you defile something so pure as pizza? That's beyond vile, despicable as Gruu never dreamed of being. You, sir, is the evilest of evil and worthy of our contempt. Good day! :moustache:

boiled pizza? I think you may be looking for spaghetti, but got horribly confused...

That's just .. wrong, on so many levels. I can't believe there are people on this planet that voted yes. :flutterrage:

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