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I am the Knackerman. Most of my writing deals with horror, suspense, and tragedy. And yes, there will be gore.

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Thanksgiving · 7:10pm Nov 28th, 2019

The official end of Spooky Time and the start of Xmas Time in the U.S. (Yes, there have been 'holiday' decorations up since before Halloween, shhhh.)

As everyone gathers together to slather gravy on burnt bird meat, I can't help but giggle manically about things that are yet to come.

Things like, what the next Something Sweet to Bite might be! It's silly, I know, but there is a part of just about every day where my mind wanders over to the krazy kandy killer and I just can't help myself.

So to give thanks to my readers, and to give me some idea of where you might like to see the narrative go, going to give you the title and a brief description of the next story I'm considering.

(This is just for fun, so not all of these are real.)

Back to the Something Sweet to Bite - Our hero Luster Dawn accidentally gets sent back in time. While there she accidentally sets in motion the events that will create the Candy Mare with timeline shattering results. She has to get back to the past and undo the future before it's too late and she fades out of existence!

Something Sweet to Bite: Candy Mare Goes to Hell - After her defeat the Candy Mare finds herself somewhere very hot, with an old familiar face just waiting to greet her: Lemon Drop.

'Rob Zombies' Something Sweet to Bite - A gritty grindhouse re-imagining of the original Something Sweet to Bite from the twisted mind of Rob Zombie* (not really)

Something Sweet to Bite: Parallel Worlds - Pumpkin Patch has been resurrected after one thousand years, only to find herself reborn into a world that hates and fears her as the dreaded Candy Mare.

Something Sweet to Bite Life! - Set in the Pony Life version of the MLP universe, the Candy Mare is a wacky goofball villain that keeps trying to steal Pinkie Pies stash of magic potions. Also she wants to devour the flesh of the mane six and turn all of Equestria into mindless Candy Ghouls, but everything has to happen one step at a time...

So make your picks in the comments below!

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Comments ( 16 )

Happy Thanksgiving you horrifying creature and mistake of nature. Hope you have a wonderful one.

Something Sweet to Bite: Candy Mare Goes to Hell

Hell yeah!

the lemon drop one but please mix it withthe new candymare that roams arownd that last place she went and also with the refugees of said world and the fact that lemon drop is a avatar of nightmare moon and that the candy mare that roams free is just a body of our candymare used by daybraker, this will explain why our candy cuts the head of the princesses to make sure daybreaker won't get loose and to take revenge on lemon even if lemon made her like this because she wanted to have a safety net for daybreaker.

When I first heard about the setting of Pony Life, I couldn't help but think what a great setup it would be for an excursion to Pinkamena's workshop.

Great ideas! They'd all work for me.

Happy 🦃 day!

Personally, I like the parallel universe one. I like the idea of an innocent, still good Pumpkin facing off against her evil alter ego and having a battle of ideals between them.

I like the first two the most.

Something Sweet to Bite: Parallel Worlds - Pumpkin Patch has been resurrected after one thousand years, only to find herself reborn into a world that hates and fears her as the dreaded Candy Mare.

I like this one.

Something Sweet to bite life sounds bloody (and I do mean Bloody) hilarious.

i like the first and the the fourth :twilightsmile:

The first and fourth sound the best, but I'd honestly love to read the fifth just for fun.

I like the first and second ideas the best .

Comment posted by ILoveObsidianPie deleted Dec 4th, 2019

I’d say all ideas sound interesting. But if I had to choose one, it’d be Something Sweet to Bite: Parallel Worlds. If that idea doesn’t make it, then Back to Something Sweet to Bite would be my second choice. Something Sweet to Bite Life! I’m not sure about yet since I’m waiting to see how the series goes first. If it ends up sucking....

GeT rId oF tHaT wOrLd...

I sort of unironically like the 'Rob Zombies' Something Sweet to Bite one. That first one has some good potential for some solid existential horror though.

My apologies in advance to anyone who reads this. This is a long response!
These are only my opinions, and I sincerely am not expected anything from anyone.

What to choose?!!

All these ideas hold merit, and I have no doubt you would be able to pull them off.
Some things did come to mind, however, and I believe they concoct a bittersweet taste to the tone of the concepts of many of the potential stories.

  1. What if these stories come from the perspective(s) of an unreliable narrator(s).
  2. How would these ideas effect the canon and fanon characters and worlds, even across both different and similar universes?

Unreliable Narrator(s)

We have heard the spoken mindset and motivations of the Candy Mare that we have followed for the majority of the series, but we also know she can be a manipulative schemer and effective trickster.
Though not a true living being, the Candy Mare exists as a "living grudge" who consumes the magic and souls of her victims. In addition, she and Star Swirl the Bearded state she is a "gluttonous god[dess]" who desires to live and thrive on her victims' flesh and feelings and thoughts. The Candy Mare wishes to be unstoppable.
[list=2]As a schemer and trickster liken to some incarnations of Pinkamena and The Joker, the Candy Mare could easily be lying.Let us consider, however, that the Candy Mare is "at once a kind of magical virus" and was born of the tormented souls of children and their parents. Despite this, the Candy Mare seems to manifest as a single identity who can imitate her prey via herself or her Candy Ghouls.I had, and still, thought that, secretly, the Candy Mare lives an existence with internal conflicts. What if the souls she consist of still possess consciousness embedded or locked away beneath the depravity?Stories such as Something Sweet to Bite: Candy Mare Goes to Hell, 'Rob Zombies' Something Sweet to Bite, and Something Sweet to Bite: Parallel Worlds may possibly be metaphors or one-sided views the Candy Mare and her living and trapped victims compiled into an exaggerated or false world of delusions or dreams. Do they feel regret? The Candy Mare most likely does not, but the spectators within may...
Will anything felt, said, seen, and even thought be real? Screen Rant discussed this several times regarding the 2019 film "Joker." Works by Edgar Allan Poe do so, too.


I just referenced joshscorcher/FOB Equestria and most notably MLP-Silver-Quill, and I feel odd about that...
We only got to know, briefly, Luster Dawn. On the other hand, we have a lot of things regarding canon and fanon interpretations of Star Swirl the Bearded, Starlight Glimmer, and Twilight Sparkle.
In the canon past, Twilight had tried to go back in time to contact her past self... We all know how well that went. Starlight had tried to go back in time to change the future, and all those "worlds" seen taught both her and Twilight something. Thank you, Zecora!
In fan art, these characters have both accidentally and intentionally gone back and either witnessed or tampered with the past.
I still have much to learn and I may be biased, but I feel these address the concept of time and interacting with or accepting the past well.
[list=3]the "Insidious" films2013 film "Oculus"F. Scott Fitzgerald's The Great GatsbyMany fan works in this fandom have also touched on this.
When it comes to Luster Dawn accidentally being sent back in time, I honestly highly doubt that would happen. Starlight and Twilight would most likely warn against or implore her to consider the risks and weigh the choices.
This is just my opinion, but I feel Luster would want or need a solid reason to want to go back to change the past. My only question: How would Luster impact the past so as to create the Candy Mare?

Candy Mare's Incarnations

A "wacky goofball" Candy Mare...
Oh yes, this is going to be great!
Wait, ... but which one?
Same question goes to the Pumpkin Patch iteration.
My opinion of an unreliable narrator still holds, but to a lesser extent.

To be honest, I have no idea what story appeals most to me.
I truly love everything you have done, Knackerman.
My apologies for this imposing dump I just heaped up!

Considering the events of Candy Mare: Curse of the Candy Cult, I'd say you've got a great start for Candy Mare: Parallel Worlds. I, myself, am enamored by the prospect of this new 'Candy Mare' ( i.e Pumpkin Patch ) and am equal parts intrigued and terrified of what she's capable of, her motives, and what she aims to achieve.


Back to the Something Sweet to Bite ( I see what you did there, btw ) shows equal, if not greater promise for a sequel. Not only does it stand as an opportunity to incorporate concepts and characters from season 9 and it's predetermined future, but the premise in and of itself is fascinating. It would offer further insight as to what happened after Pumpkin Patch became Candy Mare and how, if at all, Luster Dawn could possibly prevent such a cataclysmic event in Equestrian history. What's more, I could imagine Starlight (Not the Candy Cult version, but perhaps another) also using time travel to prevent Luster Dawn from preventing the rise of her 'goddess', much in the same way she did to prevent Twilight and her friend's connection. It's only an idea, though. I'm sure you'll come up with something even better.

Sorry this is so long. This is one of my favorite series and I couldn't resist sharing my own thoughts. Whichever story you decide to go with, I'm sure it'll turn out great.

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