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Genre Savvy

Welcome to my humble FIMFiction page. Come inside the library and I will give you a tour. If you need a critic to review some of your work or need to learn a thing or two about clopping, just ask.

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Thank you!

Your Welcome!

Here is a link to my DeviantArt if your interested. I have some other photos of you/Queen Quake from last year.

I'll even add your YouTube link to any photos with you in them... eventually. It has been a long time since I managed any of my own DeviantArt shit.

YES!! I needed that picture! SO much thanks~!

Thank you for your comment.

It will take me a while to start reading Dead Tree because I am still reading Fallout: Equestria. But I will be sure to start reading Dead Tree as soon as I finish.

Here is a photo I took last year. Hope you like it.orig00.deviantart.net/a109/f/2018/093/e/d/queens_and_princesses_of_babscon_by_calebrands-db7jceu.jpg

Hi There! I hope you enjoy Dead Tree and would love to hear from you in the comments section!

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