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Seattle's Angels Open Recruitment! - Closed · 4:42pm Oct 24th, 2019

Hia guys, the Seattle’s Angels is having some open recruitment! That means you, yes YOU, can apply today.

Here’s the link to the OP, otherwise details below the break!

Do you like stories?

Do you want to help other people find good, underrated stories?

Do you want to die in glorious battle for your country?

Well if you said yes to the first two, and regardless of your answer for the third, then apply to the Seattle’s Angels today! Yes, you read that right, we are opening up recruitment for any and all who want to apply.

Ok, ok, that’s pretty sweet and all, but what actually has to be done, and how do I apply? I’m so glad you asked.

All applications are to be sent through a private message to our group account, Angelic Seattle. Any and all applications not sent to this account will NOT be considered

You must include AT LEAST two recommendations (reviews): one must be about a story you found on your own, and the other must be about one, and only one, of these stories:
Dusk Falls, by NorrisThePony
Long Road to Friendship, by The Albinocorn
Rise, by Blueshift
I Wish I Had Met You Yesterday, by 8686
Daring Do’s Adventures in Whackademia, by Posh
Forget Me Not, by Lupine Infernis
Severe Weather Appreciation Week, by Cold in Gardez
A Chonamare Hearth’s Warming, by Admiral Biscuit
Numbers, by The 24th Pegasus
Parlous, by Carabas

You may, if you desire, do more than just the two required recommendations (reviews) if you really want to help us get a sense of your voice. But you cannot do more than one from the above list.

I’d also like to clarify that we would prefer you not share the recommendation (review) you write from the list of stories above with anyone other than us unless permission is given otherwise. This is because in the event the author does not want 800 reviews of their work suddenly floating in the void that is the internet there aren’t. And also partly because it makes it a whole lot easier to keep track of which reviews are already out there and where you might have taken inspiration from, or if there is any plagiarism. Not that I feel that’d be much of anything to worry about, but I want a system in place.

Remember, we often call these reviews. But they are NOT critical reviews, they are recommendations featuring the highlights of the story. I don’t want to hear about how Timmy Billy Bob Joe Friedrich Johnson’s story is bad because the grammar is abysmal, everypony is so out of character it’s painful, and their OC King of the Universe Blackblayde Shadowspirit is overpowered and dating everypony. I want to hear about the good stories that got lost, the diamonds in the rough, the stories everyone should read but nobody has heard of yet. Because that is what we are about.

So go ahead and apply now! The deadline will likely be Review Round 163, which is in about 1 month from today (roughly November 22nd).

Responsibilities of the Angels: So how it works is we do a round every two weeks, four stories reviewed, two reviewers per round, whoever is available and feels like volunteering first gets to do the round. So tl;dr, just try to get stuff done by the deadline for the round you picked.

You will also need to be able to use Discord, which is free, because that's where we do all our planning.

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