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Corejo and Ruirik are cool, pony-producing dudes.... · 9:52pm Nov 20th, 2018

Have you ever read this story?

EReading Rainbow
When Twilight is admitted to the Ponyville hospital, Rainbow Dash is there for her.
Corejo · 7.4k words  ·  3,957  65 · 56k views

Well if you have, you probably remember the poem One Full Day that was in it.

So pretty much, the author, Corejo, with the help of expert artist Ruirik, is putting together a hard copy edition of said poem in a full-color illustrated storybook format! That’s over 70 pages of pony art to enjoy in an actual book that you can put on your actual shelf.

But... Ruirik’s gotta eat n’ stuff, ya know? So there’s a fundraiser happening, in which case:
Direct link to the go fund me
Corejo's blog about it, that includes a few more details

Oh, and there are incentives to donating, which you’ll find a list of through both links!

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