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Five Score book printing (RE-OPEN TO NEW ORDERS) · 4:16pm Aug 25th, 2019


Original post below

Good news everyone! I have an update on the Five Score book printing! We’ve had over 100 people show interest in purchasing it, and we’re ready to take official orders.

The total complete price, with shipping and tax already factored in, will be $108 per book. It will be a hardcover with a blue cloth cover, silver emboss, and it’ll be over 700 pages long with 40 illustrations.

The book itself costs about $40 to make; $24 is the illustrator's cut, and about as much is packing and shipping. With tax and transaction fees it adds up to $108. I know that it's too much for a significant amount of people, but we've decided to not make compromises for what is probably the only printing of this novel.

Concept render shown above!

Sample Page, chapter 1

Sample Page, chapter 23

Sample illustration (early 1st draft sketch)

If you are interested in purchasing, please use the following Order Form

  • Free shipping is included in the price, for every country in the world.
  • Orders will be open for the next 6 weeks.
  • Payment is not due at time of form submission. A few days after submitting the above form, you will receive an email in a few weeks with the invoice.
  • This is likely to be the only print run of the book, so don’t miss your chance to reserve a copy! Sign up before the deadline!
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Worth a shot, haven't read it yet. I'll wait for the book... should have my backlog from Bronycon's bookstore done by then

Can I order if I'm from outside the States?
And I don't mean Canada, or Mexico, but all the way on the other side of the globe.

108$ where the hell am I going to get money like that.

I'd love to get it, because pony books, but $108 isca tad steep atm. :/

One.. hundred.... and eight... dollars? D:

Welp. I've got something to save up for, then.


I don't honestly think I'll be able to get a 108 for one book in six weeks, but hey, good on those who do get the book. <3

Even from North Korea.

What you need to understand is that the book itself costs about $40 to make. Artist's paycheck adds ~$24 to that, and shipping and packing add about as much. Taxing is 15% on top of that. It adds up, unfortunately.

Nah, I understand. It's just something I can't afford currently as a college student. As I said, it's more of 'I'm glad others can get this but definitely not me right now.'

Part of me really wants to buy this since Five Score is one of my favorite stories. Another part of me is saying how strange it'd look to my friends and family for me to buy a hardcover version of a fanfic that I'd probably only read when the power goes out.

Fuckit, sure, why not.

~Skeeter The Lurker

Now this is something I’d gladly buy, but with me not getting paid for another 4 weeks, not sure if I’ll be able to meet the payment deadline… drat.

i would love to buy it but i just bought a new house and cant afford it at this time sorry

I'd love to get one seeing as how this was the story that got me into writing. But 108 dollars? That's the difference between making rent and not for a brokeass PoS like me. Guess I better start driving Postmates or something.

Wooooo! The book looks great! A bit of a shame about the lack of cyan leather, I feel like that would have been really cool to have to feel.

Does anyone have any idea what textile is like?

There certainly are books bound like that in your local library. You can check there.


Even from North Korea.

Good to hear, though shipping costs to my part of the world have historically come in at more than the cost of the base product. :applejackunsure:

Some countries' postal services (UK, for instance) offer flatter shipping rates for printed material. :twilightsmile:

Oh dear god, please no. I'm not going to trust my country's postal service. It'd arrive damaged and three months late, if it arrives at all.

Well time to throw even more money at the fandom! Honestly, ever haven't read Four score; always figured I'd get to it, but the getting to it never comes around... Guess if I spend a hundred bucks I'd have to read it! :raritywink:

Order placed!


Does anyone have any idea what textile is like?

It's the standard cloth textured hardcover like this.

If you have any other hardcovers in your library (e.g. Harry Potter) you'll be familiar with the texture

as much as I'd love a copy, sadly I just cannot afford one of these. v_v being on a limited income due to being unable to work truly is a double edged sword lol.

When's the latest you can use the order form to order the book?
because the earliest that i'll have enough money to order is 9/24

As it has not been stated in the update, I would like to confirm: is the printed book of the teen version or of the mature version?

It's the full version, although illustrations will stick to SFW.

I just received an invoice from keystroke, but rhe price is a bit higher than expected. Is it legit?

If you were billed via pay.Stripe.com $166.50 AUD, it's legit. After exchange, it's a little over $112 USD. The difference ($112 vs the quoted $108) is because Stripe tacks on a 5% transaction surcharge.

As a side note, having the invoice be in AUD may indicate that our boy TwistedSpectrum could be a kiwi.

Maybe once this run is done TS could be convinced to put the book on Lulu.com? Or maybe Amazon Books, like Knight Breeze did with "What I've Become"

Will this be the Safe for Woona version, or Princess Molly's version? lol
(either way, I'm ordering)


Orders will be open for the next 6 weeks

I think that you have until 06Oct... but as the run is “limited”, there is a chance that all slots will be filled by 24Sep.


Payment is not due at time of form submission. A few days after submitting the above form, you will receive an email in a few weeks with the invoice.

Sounds like you’ll be good.

See cryptic post by Avonder.


Out of curiosity, is this the NSFW version or the SFW version of the story?

The episode where Luna has a crush on the protagonist was edited out, if that's what you're asking.

No, the original version of the story was NSFW but TS changed it to a T rating later on. I wanted to know if this is the M or the T rated version

This is the mature version.

Question: Do you send invoices with paypal too or only other payment services? Because if you use other services I have to create an account before paying is possible.

There is no reason to use Paypal in this day and age. It's an anti-consumer company with an outdated business model.

So which service would you recommend? As said I would have to create an account before paying is possible.

You don't need an account, it's a checkout service used in e-shops.

So I just register on stripe and the rest will follow? The form for the order of the book was filled out 26th August.

And sorry if I annoy you with questions, Never used stripe before, only paypal until today.

After this initial run you should contact the ministry of image about making a cheaper version for long term sale.


Someone had to do it given my sheer love for the transformations X3

Your derpibooru ad worked, damn you.

How long does it take for the invoice to arrive, usually?

Do note that the answer is in the very post above.

oof, $166.50 my wallet is crying out in agony. :raritycry:

EDIT: I like how someone is going around disliking any comments that have anything to do with the price. Especially my own. Allow me to explain my situation; The pricing is stated at $108, now what we need to realize, is that the price of the invoice is in AUSTRALIAN dollars, NOT U.S. Dollars. So the invoice shows up as $166.50, now; I have no real BIG issue with this, I'm STILL buying the book; it just wasn't specified that the invoice currency was Australian dollars, so I wasn't quite expecting the price that popped up.

TL;DR The invoice price is Australian dollars, it scared me; I'm still buying the book, so stop disliking my post. :flutterrage:

I could pay $100, but $166.50 is more than my car loan payments. Sorry dude.

Comment posted by CountDerpy deleted Aug 30th, 2019

Everyone here, be mindful of the invoice shock. That number is not $166 USD, that is $166 AUD, so it comes to about $112 USD. Just to clarify because I was kind of shocked as well to that number!

Let me revoke my previous comment then, my wallet will be the only one crying.:rainbowlaugh:

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