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Smoothing the Knots: Addendum? · 9:59pm Aug 22nd, 2019

Despite the bangout success of my last fic, I'm tempted to add a tiny change.

I don't think I stuck the landing. I wanted to add something like this at the end:

In the middle of their embrace, the tiniest twinkle appeared in the tip of Luna's tail.

Should I? :trixieshiftright:

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Comments ( 8 )

Oooooh, I really like that as an ending, yes.

That's very appropriate, given the tone of the story, yes. :twilightsmile:

:raritystarry: Beautiful. Definitely do it.

I think that would be a sweet addition.

Hmmm... Lemme think.


Sounds good. :)

The addition of that little extra line lifts it over the fence and out of the park. Well done.

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