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I do things for the internet, sometimes unspeakable things, most of the time just editing for pony stories though.

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    Rejoice Xenophiles! Side Stories is here.

    Thank you all for sticking with me while it was being written, and for the kind words that many of you offered me during its creation.

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    Good news for Xenophiliacs.

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More fodder for you Xenophiliacs · 10:41pm Oct 23rd, 2012

Well, it's only been a little while since the story was completed, but we've already got some authors working on in-universe stories. archonix has begun writing a great addition to the world with his story The Xenophile's Guide to Equestria. It won't feature any clop and is focused on further building the world that AnonAuthor has created, so for those that loved Xenophilia's world building, you should really check this out, and give archonix some love. They were kind enough to check with myself and AnonAuthor before publishing the story to make sure that he wasn't stepping on our toes, and AnonAuthor is now working alongside to help out. I even got the honor of being the story's first thumbs up and favorite :twilightsmile:

In other Xenophila news, work has re-started on my side stories entry, although it's been slow going as my attention has been pulled many different ways. I'd just like to thank all of the fans that were very supportive of my efforts for giving me the courage to pick the work back up again, and I hope to have the story finished soon.

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Comments ( 27 )

YEAY!! This makes me insanely happy.

Looks interesting, will be checked out in due time.


all ready done :rainbowkiss:

Yay. This made my day

Whooooooooooooo!:pinkiegasp: Here's hoping it measures up!:twilightsmile:

YAY! I love you!

Awesome, words can't express how great it is that the story will continue even after the (my all time favorite :rainbowkiss:) fiction is done. You should totally make a Xenophile fan group :pinkiehappy:

Bumped to the top of my reading list. Thanks!

443506 You know, that's a damn good idea.

I love the smell of world building in the morning! Smells like ... Magic!

443705 NICE
443361 and OHMYGOD


This makes me a happy. A happy happy happy.

There is to be MOAR!?

I love you. :pinkiehappy:

Loved his little side story so far I'm starting to cross refrence xenophila as I read it :3 and his cover pic OMG I love the drawn pic I saved it :D nd used it as a background on my psp those 4 look sooooo happy together :heart: anyway its great to see you officially started working on the side stories again /)
As for the xenophila fan group OH GOD YES count me in

yes!yes!yes!yes!yes!yes!yes!yes!yes!yes!yes!yes!yes!yes!yes!yes!yes!yes!yes!yes!yes!yes!yes!yes!yes!yes!yes!yes!yes!yes!yes!yes!yes!yes!yes!yes!yes!yes!yes!yes!yes!yes!yes!yes!yes!yes!yes!yes!yes!yes!yes!yes!yes!yes!yes!yes!yes!yes!yes!yes!yes!yes!yes!yes!yes!yes!yes!yes!yes!yes!yes!yes!yes!yes!yes!yes!yes!yes!yes!yes!yes! thank you sir up made my day I hope you have a great time writing the fanfic anf i can't wait for the new chapter. :scootangel::scootangel::trixieshiftright::pinkiehappy:

Keep on, keepin' on.

>It won't feature any clop

450955 Be glad. I can't write erotica to save my life. it would only be embarrassing for me and disappointing for you.

(Heh, that's what she said! Wait... :facehoof:)

Yes. This pleases me...

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