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I'd like to thank everypony that helped me to write this story. I hadn't written anything for pleasure in a decade before I started on this project, but AnonAuthor's Xenophilia story just filled me with ideas that wouldn't leave until they had been written down. I started outlining this story back before it was known that Twilight would join the herd, but as that grew closer in the main story, I had to start writing or be completely left behind. AnonAuthor and I brainstormed quite a lot on the event of Twilight's first night with Lero's herd, and that is why you'll notice a lot of similar ideas and themes between the two as we borrowed the bits and pieces that struck the deepest chords within us.

Sadly I had issues that kept me from finishing the story, and I had laid it aside as a lost cause until a few Xenophiles gave me the impetus needed to pick it back up again. Now you see the fruits of those labors, and I hope they meet your expectations.

I'd like to thank AnonAuthor, and Archonix for helping me brainstorm and checking over the story as my pre-readers, and I'd like to thank all the bronies that gave me kind words of encouragement, this story never would have seen the light of day if it weren't for you.

Yay! It's here! *happy dance!* Now, to get to reading. Yes, I fav'd and thumbs up'd before reading. :rainbowdetermined2: :twilightsmile:

My Xenophilia hunger can never be sated, but thankfully, you and AnonAuthor are trying your hardest. Thanks as always, Dashie.

OH YEAH! more Xenophillia stories! This just made an already awesome weekend even better.

You can have a fav and like in confidence. :twilightsmile:

YAY! :yay:

I look forward to more! :twilightsmile:

I haven't even read the synopsis and I already favorited and thumbs up!

Well, that was adorable, all in all particularly the last part with the three of them, while its diffrent from the primary first time over in Xenophilia, a little tweaking and if nothing else it fits nicely with what I think the first time Dash and Twi play together rather then just having it switch between Twi and Lero or Dash and Lero, on a side note, the whole empathy thing with Unicorns, awesome, and more then a little hot /laugh I'm looking forward to seeing more of this if nothing else its always nice to see a little more of this world

Adding it to my read later list, because I haven't got time right now. :raritycry:

And let me say this. We shall make this beautiful universe bigger and better than Fallout Equestria, in the name of the gods! :flutterrage::pinkiehappy::rainbowdetermined2::yay: It deserves it!!!:flutterrage::flutterrage::flutterrage:


1588358 Are you going to finish the story now that AnonAuthor has stopped writing (I.e. progressing the main storyline)? Or are you just going to expand upon what has already been written?

soooooooo lovely I....... can't say anything more this going to be a very fun read thank you for giving this to us.


Oh my goodness, this is one of the best things I've ever read in my entire life... :rainbowkiss: I loved Xenophilia so much. I couldn't wait for side stories, I see it was worth to wait :twilightsmile:

CAN'T WAIT FOR MORE!!! :rainbowkiss::twilightsmile:

Amazing. That's all I got to say, just amazing! :pinkiehappy:

More is required. You deserve a 'stache :moustache:

This story is ORGASMIC!:derpytongue2:

More Xenophilia?

I am now a very happy man. :pinkiehappy:

is their a problem with the story?
it won't show up on my favorites or in your list of stories

Woot its absolutely fantastic to see your own work now dashie :3 and with 13k to boot I shall lose myself in the world of zenophilia now :D

Edit: WOW just as good :D this has been so worth the wait xD nd lero is part french apparently! :D pretty cool didn't expect that xP and I loved the intimacy very good! Can't wait for MORE

It hasn't been approved by a mod yet. Unapproved stories are sort of listed as invisible on this site. Give it a day or so and it'll pop up.

1590351 wow an unnaproved story already has 85+ upvotes heh expect a feature as soon as it IS approved :ajsmug:

Thank you all so very much, I really owe a lot in this story to the support of you all. I was more than a little concerned about how it would be received since I haven't written like this in so long, and it was inevitably going to be held up against the highest rated clopfic on fimfiction, so I worried :rainbowwild:. I'm glad to see I met or exceeded expectations, and I'll continue working on stories for this.

I may write some stories that progress the main line, but only if I were working closely with AnonAuthor on it. Personally I want to leave the main line progression for them to expand, but should the desire not be there in the future, I might make a chapter or two that closes up a plotline or two.

Be sure to visit again when it gets approved :twilightsmile:. I know site hits and reads are an important part of getting featured, plus I'll have an extra treat waiting for you all when it hits, a new chapter written by AnonAuthor detailing the Roleplaying scene that has been hinted at a few times in the main story.:pinkiehappy:

I said quiet, now settle down while I enhance the effects of the inhibitory neurotransmitter GABA while simultaneously weakening the excitatory neurotransmitter glutamine.


Fuck the clop. Author, you had me cumming at that line alone.
Thank you! :pinkiehappy:

Oh, the wonders of ethanol over the gamma-aminobutyric acid receptors... sigh

:pinkiegasp:1590556 (coughs on the steak dinner) wai-WHAT!? Oh this I have GOT to read xDD this will be a real treat indeed and in the morning season 3 as well can things get any better?? Oh and I'll be sure dashie don't worry on that.

With me reading the xenophilia story over 8 times from beginning to end you can be sure I'll be reading these side stories repeatedly xD thanks for shareing this story early xP incase I forget to tell you, you have indeed met expectations for me. OH! Quick thought you already read the side stories containing twilights research over many years with lero dash and lyra right?
My question is will there be a chance you might provide backstory on the days twi made the letters to celestia? Or perhaps after that interview twi had with dash on the recording? Things like that :P

Ps: its good your using pic #3 I love it so much xP but if your gunna be making side stories in later events that weren't written in the main story might as well add lyra to that pic xP

I actually have been considering writing a quick little story (just a few thousand words of heartfelt drama and clop) detailing the events *after* the argument, but most of archonix's stories will be left for him to work on.
He's been exceptionally kind about not wanting to step on AnonAuthor or my toes when it comes to the story, but we're both glad that he's writing and we're both very glad to be helping him build the world through his own tales.

Thank you, I felt if anypony would actually explain the chemical processes behind getting drunk in her own mind no less, it would be our adorkable Twilight.:twilightsmile:


1590728 I feel compelled to copy/paste a comment I made 43 weeks ago... For posterity's sake.
Twi approves!

"Some people seem to need that kind of mental 'distraction' in order to get bored/exhaused keeping their act up, 'abandon their defenses' and finally tell you what the HAY is actually going on inside of them! :facehoof:(makes problem-solving with those a rather bothersome matter, I can tell you..) "

I'm going back to the med topic with this. Alcohol is a weak GABA releaser. GABA is a neurotransmitter that hold the function of inhibiting the neural conductions by hyperpolarizing the neurons (either by negative ions influx {GABAa receptor} or positive ions eflux/outflux {GABAb receptor}).
One specific area of our brain (not sure about ponies, I'm a med student, not a vet) that is very sensitive to GABA is the Inhibiting Center.
When you drink, GABA is released and inhibits the Inhibition Center itself, causing a decrease in inhibition (the happy drunk that befriends EVERYONE and is eager to spill his beans).
If the person keeps on drinking, the Stimulant Center will be inhibited (the sad/annoying drunk that cries over ANYTHING).
If the person STILL keeps on drinking, the Stimulant Center inhibition will be so massive, that the person will pass out.
If someone forces alcohol down your throat, GABA releasing will be massive, inhibiting the Bulbus (Medula Oblongata). The person won't be able to regulate heart/breath rate and die.

"What the fuck is he talking about?! :twilightoops:"
Bear with me for a little more.

Since Barbiturates were (and Benzodiazepines are) the most common hypnotic/anxiolytic drugs, I thought that Trixie took those.
Barbiturates are GABA agonists (mimick GABA), causing the same effect as the alcohol. But they are a lot more potent. (with a smaller dose, you can have much greater results)
Benzodiazepines are GABA modulators (they turn inactive GABA receptors into closed GABA receptors, making it easier for these closed receptors to open themselves). And opened GABA receptors are more likely to work when binding to GABA.

Meaning? Trixie would've spilled her beans with the medications alone. I seriously don't know why she is still alive.

Alcohol = Moderate GABA release with moderate effect.
Alcohol + Barbiturate = Massive GABA release with massive effect.
Alcohol + Benzodiazepine = Moderate GABA release with massive effect.


It's not a mental distraction. The process is pure chemistry. :twilightsmile:

1590720 (shrugs) that's understandable and considerate, ah well a story for another time right?

:pinkiehappy: well remember dashie I'm pretty sure most of us would be just as happy with a chapter with the 3 (or 4) of them going on with the day to day occurences clop (for myself anyway :P) is just an added bonus for this awesome world but the mere interaction between them all and world building is enough for me to enjoy this story ^^

Also, dear author(s). I apologize for taking up too much space with my ramblings. But you two seem to be authors who, if don't know what they're talking about, research about the topic beforehand.
Can I point you somewhere (in this website) that will certainly give you two a nice help as you both continue to do stories the right way?

Please, follow this link.

:rainbowdetermined2:1590764 that's just how baddass the writers of zenophila are huh? I've noticed that dashie anon author and arch are well knowledgable in these kinda terms whether its in scientific analogies or hypothetical societies xP

O.o god I hope I don't sound stupid saying that xDD
Huh well it seems you already know all 3 authors researched topics beforehand nevermind then xD didn't see you post till I posted myself xP

The three of us have some fairly eclectic knowledge bases between us, but all of us tend to make sure that our stories are based in fact, even when it's speculation, it's at least modeled upon something factual.
I did a bit of research on the internal chemical effects of alcohol use just for that single line in the story because I wanted it to be authentic, and the idea of Twilight knowing and in fact lecturing her own brain on the effects of alcohol on specific neurotransmitters just made me squee in delight.:twilightblush:

:twilightblush: 1590859 heh there's no stopping her egghead ways XP there IS a reason whys she's so adorkable after all :derpytongue2:


You're most welcome. However, having read it I find that the "social" aspects are lacking slightly. But, I find that in contrast the clop scenes are more intimate in a lustful way. Although I'm sure that a little ironing out in the future will allow the love to flow through the intimate scenes with more ease.

In short, I feel that you and Anon with compliment eachother excellently. So, continue.:twilightsmile:

This makes me so happy! I haven't had the chance to read it yet, but I know I'm going to like it, so I fav'd and thumbed so long. :pinkiecrazy:

More Xenophilia? More of my favourite fic ever? YES!! You sir, are awesome. Apart from the well written clop, and the amazing romance, I love this story because of the biology woven into the story. -Ahem- what I mean to say, is MOOAAARRRR!! :yay:

They need a new rule on this site, any story that gets 100+ likes before it gets approved, just gets instant approval :rainbowlaugh:

Inb4 instant feature. :rainbowdetermined2:

Does anyone have the link to the previous cover art? I forgot to save it yesterday...:fluttercry:

My only real gripe is that this seems to be more about Dash and Twilight instead of all three of them, but whatever. I get what that was about.

This could easily work as a second time they were all together with tweaks here and there, so I'll pretend it is. I think it's good enough for the original fics canon. Well, except for the random capitalization errors and the word "plot" being used seriously.

Also, Twi's inner monolog was real cute.


I just want to know what fic you were commenting on.

Trixie on downers? Never seen that before...

:heart:Can't wait for new charpters PLEAE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MOREEEEEE.

:heart::heart::heart::heart::heart: have 5 hearts on me

Yessss! This makes me happy!

Good god, what am i doing with my life.

...ah hell, who gives a damn.

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