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I do things for the internet, sometimes unspeakable things, most of the time just editing for pony stories though.


Happy Hearths Warming Everypony! · 9:34pm Dec 15th, 2012

I'm gonna try to catch everypony here:
Happy Hearths Warming; Merry Christmas; Happy Hanukkah; Wa `alaykumu s-salāmu wa rahmatu l-lāhi wa barakātuh; Have a crazy Kwanzaa; and for the atheists, Have a good Tuesday December 25th.

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Rejoice Xenophiles! Side Stories is here. · 7:00pm Nov 9th, 2012

Thank you all for sticking with me while it was being written, and for the kind words that many of you offered me during its creation.

The story is currently waiting for approval, but I see no reason why my dedicated watchers shouldn't get to look at it a little early, so you can find the story right here.

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More fodder for you Xenophiliacs · 10:41pm Oct 23rd, 2012

Well, it's only been a little while since the story was completed, but we've already got some authors working on in-universe stories. archonix has begun writing a great addition to the world with his story The Xenophile's Guide to Equestria. It won't feature any clop and is focused on further building the world that AnonAuthor has created, so for those that

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Good news for Xenophiliacs. · 12:42pm Jun 20th, 2012

Over the next couple of days you're going to get a little flood of "Xenophilia" stories. There will be not one, but two new chapters of the main story available soon, penned by the hand of our lovable AnonAuthor.

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Who are they? · 4:00pm Jun 13th, 2012

"Xenophilia" just hit over 500 likes last night, and as I look at the bars I see that big green bar, and then I look below and see that tiny little shred of red with 12 votes.

I wonder to myself, who were these 12? The story had no negative comments left. Were they all just people that clicked the button without reading the story? Were some of them people that actually liked the story but mis-clicked?

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