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Last Minute Holiday Hiatus · 3:50am Dec 23rd, 2017

Because it wouldn't be the holidays if it wasn't last minute, right?

So anyway...about the chapter for "Grief" that was planned to go up tonight...it's, uh...it's not finished.

It's so close to being finished that it's not funny, and by all accounts, I easily should've been able to get it finished this week, helped by the fact that I've been feeling pretty good about this next chapter.

But it's not.

Long and short of it is that I've been struggling to keep focused on "Grief" this week. Not entirely sure why, and I'm hoping it's just a temporary thing. But as it's the holidays and I've been working on "Grief" pretty much nonstop for over a year, I guess a break might be beneficial for me anyway, so since I don't have a finished chapter to post, I guess I'm taking one until after the holidays (after New Year's, then).

I know, it's a lousy Christmas present, especially since it seems like everybody else is getting their fics updated this Christmas...but I was probably going to announce the hiatus anyway even if I had gotten this week's chapter up.

So yeah, sorry, no "Grief" this week or next week...but hopefully we'll be ready and raring to go the week following and keep on doing so on to the end, which really is coming close. So think happy thoughts, guys! :pinkiehappy:

Thanks as usual for being understanding. Promise to not keep you guys waiting too long. :twilightsmile:

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It's just writer's burnout. It happens to ALL of us. No worries! You have been working like hell for the last year to give us a wonderful story. You deserve a Holiday vacation! Have a Merry Christmas and We'll all see you in January!

So exactly when will the chapter be ready exactly?

It's cool man, enjoy your holidays. Thanks for the heads up.

So think happy thoughts, guys! :pinkiehappy:

Too bad you killed off Thorax, otherwise this would mean something.

Expect the next chapter Friday, January 5th. :twilightsmile:

Enjoy the holidays, evil man!

Happy holidays!
Can't say the same for me because my head is still wrapped in *stuff*
I think a break is pretty good though

It's the holidays, take the two weeks off. You deserve it.

That's fine. Just enjoy the festival and take your time off. You well earned it. :twilightsmile:
Thank you for creating this wonderful story - which is unfortunately coming to an end :fluttercry: - and a wonderful christmas and happy new year to you.

Don't worry, take your break!
You more than deserve it.

Those tags.

:applejackunsure: ... :yay:

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