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You Are Beautiful · 3:09am Nov 10th, 2017

I want you to know something, something very important:

You are beautiful.

I want to tell you this, and I want to detail this with things you may or may not know, because I struggle to believe them myself. I have crippling self-esteem issues.

I would love to write a long, eloquent, and impassioned speech about these things, but honestly? I wouldn't know how to put the words in any way that I think you would believe or listen to, since it's not like I've found a magic button that makes me love my appearance, either. However, I do look at these sort of images when I feel really low, and I hope that at least one of you who struggles with this topic finds some kind of peace through them.

Warning: lots of images—animated and still. Shachza, I'm looking at you. STOP TRYING TO LOAD MY BLOGS ON YOUR PHONE. Also pictures of women in their "underclothing".

While these pictures are of and/or seem to target women, I am by no means trying to exclude men from having these self-esteem issues. It's just much, much easier to find pictures of women being honest about these body image issues.

1. Camera lens, distance, and angle matter.

2. Those pictures of sexy people are unrealistic and unattainable.

3. Real faces are not perfect. Real skin is not flawless. Stop berating yourself for not having perfect skin, because almost no one does.

4. Standards of beauty vary wildly from person to person. Culture to culture. Era to era.

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Comments ( 22 )

Cheers, thank you for posting this.:twilightsmile: It's always good to see a positive, heartwarming post like this.

Thanks for the blog of encouragement.

Thank you for the post, but also, right back atcha. You are amazing, and don't you dare forget it. You are genuinely beautiful inside and out, and you are worthwhile and talented, kind, and inspiring, and very very pretty. If anyone tells you otherwise, you let me know. I'll collect their teeth into a jar for you.
Because I care and stuff.

I care less about how supermodelish someone looks, and more about whether they are fun to be around, interesting, will keep their word, won't steal my stuff, won't betray my trust... Of course, I'm a single slightly fat hairy bachelor with a job that takes waaaaay too much of my time every week so my house is never as clean as I would like it, so I'm not exactly a catch for someone like that. :D

The fact that you thought to post this only proves to show how amazing, caring and thoughtful you yourself are!
Never change :ajsmug:

I don't know what you look like, but I still think you're pretty. :heart:


Okay. I won't check here for replies tomorrow while at work.


She's no Sharapova on the cover of Sports Illustrated's swimsuit issue (neither is Sharapova!), :rainbowwild: but she's one of the prettiest women I've ever met. You see her blogs? How energetic she is? What she's so often trying to do for others? And how she always seems to keep things fun?


Thanks for posting this, Crystal.

You are beautiful too. :heart:



Yeah, what these two said.

Don't know if I still have self-esteem issues or not, anymore. Pretty much no longer care what others think of my appearance. Maybe because I've become more cynical as I've gotten older, gotten married, and have a wonderfully obnoxious daughter. Or maybe it's because I've befriended people who think they are ugly on the outside and are the most beautiful and caring people on the inside, and have met some people who are considered beautiful and are the most vile and despicable individuals I've had the misfortune of meeting.

Anyways, I've not had the opportunity to meet you in person, and I hope to one day. And you know what, because I've been lucky to chat with you a few times; I sincerely believe your a beautiful person, both inside and out.


I use lots of hearts in this comment response comment

idk why

that's a lie of course I know why

I love hearts

4721884 no, u & me :heart:

4721886 I'm trying to get back in the habit of using my blog for the forces of good. :>

4721890 I hope it helps someone. I struggle with these concepts on a daily basis. Hoping trying to tell others will help me be better at believing it myself, too.

4721897 Lord only knows I feel this and more about you, one of my top inspirations and female role models. :heart: I hope you don't need any of the reassurances I attempted to provide in this blog post, but if you do, I will print them out, put them on a glittery friendship collage, and mail it to you. I'll then pop out of the envelope and shove it in your face so hard that you will sneeze glitter for DAYS.

4721899 It's so hard for a lot of people to believe others actually feel this way about prospective romantic partners, but thank you for feeling this way :heart: Appearances are fickle, changeable, and temporary; personality is (more or less) forever.

4721902 Oh, you :heart: I could do a blog post about how I kicked a puppy and you'd find some way to appreciate it. :derpytongue2:

4721918 Awww, well thanks :> let's never meet so I can maintain that illusion



What you're saying is

"She's got... a great personality."


(i tease because i care)

4721967 We both are :heart:

4722132 Lord, I look forward to hitting the cynical age of not caring about appearance :heart: Anzel is there. I'm still working toward it.

Thank you, nonetheless, for your sentiment, it's very appreciated :> I hope we can meet up as well, because I have enjoyed the times we have chatted and only look forward to more!!

Thank you for posting such a positive message, Crystal ! It is these very ideals that I try to impart to my granddaughters, despite what there mother may tell them.

True beauty, such as you and so many here in the fandom have, comes from within. It is what you're about, how you treat others, putting others before yourself.
Physical beauty fades, wealth is lost but a strong character lasts an eternity. It endures, it is what we remember about each other and strive to be like.

I hope I get to meet you next year at BronyCon. Thank you again for the post CNN for being a part of this fandom.

This, was very positive and these days, yes Crystal I do understand. Thank you for sharing and trying to let others see this.

It's funny how as a kid, I've been told from my mom that no matter what others think of me, I'm beautiful not just for who I am, but who I am from the inside (and out).

Although sometimes when I look at myself in the mirror, I'm all like, "Jesus Christ I look so hideous! No way a girl would like me like this!" :rainbowlaugh:

Thank you so much for sharing this with us! Just what I need to make my day better <3



Yeah, yeah... Pretty on the inside, or whatever. Have you seen her in her little princess getup, waving her wand around?! Like O M G!

Don't hurt me, Anzel!

Pfft! you'd only kick a puppy for humane reasons, or to protect your family from that evil demon puppy.
Or if it had a disease and was trying to lick your friends baby.
You could never be one of these people.


Well. Like I said. Single. You wouldn't happen to know a real-life Lovey-type person whose services I could contract, would you? I seem to be one of those individuals doomed to be completely oblivious to love lines. :rainbowlaugh:

Given the saying that beauty is in the eye of the beholder (which is actually a stupid saying if you nerd the hell out of it. I mean, have you ever seen a beholder? that's an everything even a mother would question.), i tend to focus on how people act rather than what they look like. Obviously looks can't be discounted, people are vain and their eyes are drawn by looks initially anyways. While i may be biased, i do think that it is far more important to be comfortable than physically 'beautiful'. Most of us are going to end up looking like pale, deformed Slim Jims anyways. But before then? Focus on the things that make you happy, because they're what makes our lives worth living. If applying 10 layers of makeup or going to the gym to lift weights for 3 hours makes you happy, then good for you. But don't feel like you have to do it because somebody else is doing it. There is a whole lot more to a person than their looks, and if that's all a person cares about then they're shallow and will likely end up with somebody equally shallow.

This comment will probably feel hollow to some folks and to others it will be pointless. But for my sleep deprived 3:00 am mind, it's sounding pretty decent. I'll probably see this later and think "Why do you do this. You KNOW you sound stupid when in that state, but you do it anyways. What the hell."

Anyways, TLDR; looks don't matter as much as some people think because we're all gonna end up as wrinkled old bags of wrinkles. Instead, just focus on being a good person and doing what makes you less stressed. And food. because food is great.

Thanks for the words of encouragement. I needed them right now. :3

Thank you for your kind words. I don't really know how to describe it either. Self esteem thing is a problem with me too but not because I think I'm ugly (had some dental issues which I corrected within two years in really painful operations) but because of the violence that resulted in this against me and the fear it could happen again.

Maybe thats something I will never fully shake off but I try and I want to sincerely thank you for this.

I wish you a good day back here from cloudy, windy and dark Germany (can't be spring or summer soon enough for me >.<)


Thank you. Just... Thank you.

my wife was almost 300lbs when i dated her in high school 250 when i married her and about 125 when she lost her battle with MS. my daughter reminds me how beautiful she was when she graced us poor mortals left behind, but i bet she looks astonishing with angel wings.

i've always look to the beautiful one behind those lonely eyes, for the truth of your heart is known to me. that's the true beauty. give yourself to love and allow yourself to be loved for your heart is forever. it is therein that lies Your immortality, for you are worthy, and you ARE loved.

translation: your a damn fine woman. good thing Anzel found you first. >;)

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