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    Honestly, I logged in to delete this account, but I saw waiting, unread PMs notifications, and as a human being, I glanced. And the previews I glanced over made me decide otherwise.

    I wish all of you well. May you all find joy. I am happy to say I have found mine. I am writing again after years of having a PTSD reaction to just opening a word document. On another site, in another fandom.

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Closure · 2:55am Jul 10th, 2022

Honestly, I logged in to delete this account, but I saw waiting, unread PMs notifications, and as a human being, I glanced. And the previews I glanced over made me decide otherwise.

I wish all of you well. May you all find joy. I am happy to say I have found mine. I am writing again after years of having a PTSD reaction to just opening a word document. On another site, in another fandom.

If you truly want to engage in what I'm doing nowadays, then you can reach me at lose.myself.in.you380[at]gmail.com. This is my "spam" email account because honestly, I am still burned enough and too wary to share my personal one.

This is an official farewell, so that we can both have closure.

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Dan #1 · Jul 10th, 2022 · · 1 ·

I don't know what to say. Your pony words were lovely and I'm sad they're ended. Best wishes for the future, I guess.

Oh no! Please, don't go. Don't take all you've given us away. We love you, and I'm speaking from so many that don't or won't say anything based on your request; but regardless, have a good life full of everything you deserve and more.
I just hope you remember that you've inspired many, myself included, to be more and better thanks to what you've done here.

Thank you for leaving these stories up as an archive. I know that they won’t all be finished but I’ve enjoyed all the ones I’ve gotten to read so far. One of your stories helped me through a time when a loved one was going through a period of substance abuse and I have fond memories of reading my copy of the first Crystal Wishes book in my dorm during my freshman year of college.

It’s good to hear from you, Crystal. Thank you for sharing this with us. I hope you’ll leave your pony stories for us to enjoy. I’ve always enjoyed your work and look forward to reading this new story.

Take care and good luck. Blessed be!

I'm really happy to hear from you. But I really hope you leave your stories up. May be selfish of me, but they hold a lot of happy memories for me.

I'm guessing you won't be coming back to read any of this, but I wanted to say thank you, and even though we don't know each other, I'm so happy to hear that you're doing better. Thank you for leaving the account up, I'm sure I'm not the only one out there who likes to go back and re-experience some of their favourite stories now and again. Thank you for sharing your writing with us, both old and new. Thank you for coming back for a little while, even just to say goodbye.

Glad to hear you're happy, Crystal. And good luck.

What matters most is that you're happy. We'll all miss you, Crystal!

Second this request to the leave the stories up. Whatever your feelings about them may be, a lot of people enjoyed them and would almost certainly recommend them to new fans looking for good fanfiction to read. To have those stories then be unavailable would be a pretty awful blow to whomever has yet to enjoy them.

I'll "third" it.

From my understanding reading this, its staying up for now, but if it does have to go, please give a warning.

Although incomplete, they are very good. Thank you for them.

Happy for you, Crystal. Take care of yourself and stay safe

Thank you for leaving your beutiful world up for us. I’ll miss your pony words .

Best of luck in your new weighting.

Thank you.

May you find harmony wherever you end up being :twilightsmile:

You did a lot for me Crystal and despite the few hiccups later on I will still thank you for helping me into writing and hope you're well now. and I also ask for you to leave your stories with us here as they are still very nice to read through now and again.

Best of luck to you.

There'll be hugs and breadsticks wherever you end up. And I'd be happy to read whatever you're willing to share. ...yes, even if it's emo wolfgirl adventures. :raritywink: :pinkiehappy:

There's nothing much to say aside from congratulating you for having found your joy. It's wonderful to hear:heart:

I'm happy you've found your joy Crystal. Both you and Anzel deserve it

It's been said that every story's ending is a new story's beginning. I hope your new beginning will take you beyond your wildest dreams.

It is great to hear that you have found your happiness, we are all cheering for your recovery. your stories helped more than a few of us so i am glad that our words helped you too

Brilliant to hear you are back to writing.
Looking forward to what works you produce.

You and Anzel's works were amazing. If you ever become an author, please let us know. I hope you and Anzel are doing well and continue to do well in the future. If it feels best for you to delete the account, then do what's best for you, however I and many others still reread these amazing stories and I would really wish these stay up. Do what's best for you, though. No other written universe in the fandom can compete with the one you and Anzel have made, and I think I speak for all your fans when I say that we miss you and wish happiness for you!

Good to know you moved on. Getting past pain is a struggle. Good luck whit your future.

Bless your heart Crystal. Glad you found your joy. I wish you and Anzel the best of luck and all my love!

See you around, Crystal. I started playing FFXIV since we last talked, maybe someday we can catch up about that.

In the most literal sense possible, fare well.
Also, thank you for your writing.

I just recently got into this fandom and your stories are some of the best I've read. I'm sorry to see you officially go so soon after I found you, but I'm glad you've found peace. I also hope you decide to keep these stories up, I've only read 2 and I'm really looking forward to the rest.

Goodbye, may Luna smile upon you and the good that you've done and give you pleasant dreams.

Thank you for the stories you wrote.
Best of luck in your future endeavors.

Hi, Ice Star. You have read Crystal's Wishes (the 1st book), haven't you? In that case, could you please tell me if that story has a proper closure? I mean, does it have a closed ending or is the incomplete sequel (Crystal's Hopes) necessary to close the plotline?

It's self-contained but the story is far from resolved by the end, it caps off at the first real major milestone of Crystal's life. The book also only goes up to the chapter Halcyon Days. At the same time, the online version stops entirely instead of the unexpected cliffhanger in the print version (which wasn't advertised in the book description, I thought I was buying the complete text). The first story is effectively a bildungsroman for Crystal (and some of her friends) made into an expansive piece. You can absolutely read it on its own, but by the time you finish, it's pretty obvious that the character's life is really only just getting started as she enters the world more properly.

So, yes, it does offer a complete story just not necessarily one with resolution or any sense of finality.

Oh, what a shame😕. At least Anzel's stories are apparently finished. Thank you very much for replying and giving so much detail. Also, I'm sorry that you bought a book both with the text incomplete and a cliffhanger that will never be resolved; I know first-hand that that really sucks😩.

Thankfully the online version is complete and being kept up. That somewhat makes up for it.

Howdy. I've just found an archive of Anzel's and Crystal's minifics, those which were formerly available on their website:
Just in case you are interested:raritywink:.

I am! Thank you very much!

I’ll thank you for that as well. I’m still reading through Trials and have barely started on Hopes, so count me among those grateful for the stories remaining available here.

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