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9/17 Creature Feature Parade! · 4:30am Sep 17th, 2017

Showtime starts are 4:00PM EST USA/CA, for comparison of your timezone, use this link HERE to find out.

Movie Schedule!:

4:00PM EST
THEM! (1954)
Someone grab your cans of 'Raid!' and get to work on the mutated ant-lions because we're watching the original giant insect flick which alongside the concurrently made Gojira, codified the radioactive monster trope. And it's probably the best of the genre by far. Easter egg game, count the Wilhelm Screams.

5:35 PM EST
Aliens (1986)
THEM!'s unofficial remake (bunch of soldiers fighting insectoid monsters in tunnels to save a kid), the survivor of the original incident where a hostile lifeform got loose on her ship finds herself in a world of trouble in an outpost overrun by the creatures. Thankfully the marines brought their red shirts so the blood doesn't show as much.

7:50 PM EST
Tremors (1990)
A loving throwback to the 1950s creature features, a small south western town comes under attack by unseen monsters. Just when you thought it was safe to play in the sandpit. Well good thing one of the neighbors is packing more explosives than the Mythbusters....

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Comments ( 12 )

I love this showtime stream. I'm gonna enjoy watching THEM, never saw it actually.

I've already watched Them!, enjoyed the heck out of it!

Three movies that I've never watched.

This is going to be fun.

I've already seen them, so I'll pass.

ah I wanted giant killer bunnies but Them! is good too the other 2 choices are great

Hmm I've never seen....TTTHHHHEEEEMMMMM!!!!!!!

So i might go to see IIITTTT and what TTHHHOOSSSSEEE ants might do.

TTTHHHIIISSS will be very exciting! :trollestia:

ALRIGHT! Probably two of my favorite franchises in the monster movie genres!
Aliens is pretty self-explanatory, but I forgot about Tremors! I loved that movie growing up, and it actually made me REALLY scared to go out to the sand dunes during the summer. :applejackconfused:

And while I haven't really seen many movies from the 1940-1960s, aside from the Kong series, Them! looks like a cool feature, especially when it comes to my biggest fear: Insects.

And, I've noticed a theme based on the selection Tarb: All the names are single words. Connection? XD

Take it down a notch with the puns, Gold Boy.

Comment posted by Temnizziv deleted Sep 17th, 2017

I actually missed this stream cause I got my days mixed up

Didn't get up till 12:00 due to watching the stream, it was worth it, and though I missed all of THEM and couldn't watch the end of Tremors, but at lest I got to watch ALIENS. Also, Tarb, here's a idea for your next movie stream, why not do a Tremors marathon.

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