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Upon Reflection, Legend of Everfree's Filthy Rich Makes Sense... · 7:43am Jan 1st, 2017

So while watching the Party with the Ponies marathon on DFC today, I realized something about Filthy Rich, and why his human counterpart being a sleazy real estate tycoon actually makes sense.

In "Where The Apple Lies", we see that Granny Smith being (a) his most valuable business associate and (b) being legitimately intimidating keeps Filthy Rich honest.

In the EG world, that dynamic doesn't exist--Granny Smith is just the lunch lady at CHS. THAT Filthy Rich is a real estate tycoon who doesn't have that one strongly morally centered business associate to keep him honest.

Just wanted to share that thought.

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I never really saw much of a difference, when it comes to business both can be kind of dicks but they're still fair after all Filthy Rich didn't need to give Gloriosa more time to get the money. It's just that we never gets to see Human Rich in a casual setting like we do with Pony Rich.

Frankly, Filthy Rich in EqG isn't even corrupt. Camp Everfree was going under, Gloriosa's family couldn't afford to keep up the land payments on a prime piece of lakefront property, and Filthy bought the land from under her but gave her the rest of the month to come up with the money to get it back. He's a bit of a jerk but he's not doing anything illegal or corrupt.

4364130 He certainly isn't. But then, I never said corrupt, I said sleazy. You can be sleazy without being corrupt or a criminal.

That makes a great deal of sense. After all, without Granny, who's there to balance the influence of Spoiled?

4364284 The perverse thing is that EG Diamond Tiara actually seems to be more friendly right out of the gate than her counterpart...

4364321 You would be too if you risked a stare-down with Celestia, Luna, and/or Granny on a near-daily basis...

4364321 I suspect that may have to do with the CMCs and other young ponies we meet seeming to be a bit older on the EG side. EG Diamond may or may not be a jerk, but if so, she's old enough to be subtle about it. Not to mention Sunset Shimmer used to fill the "Queen Bitch" niche in the Canterlot High ecosystem pretty thoroughly, and Diamond may not have been able to compete.

4364343 Or, the writers didn't realize that she was a good bully character to stand in as Sunset's posse, and instead went with Dumb and Dumber.

4364361 If EG Diamond Tiara were as mean as seasons 1-4 pony!DT, she wouldn't want anyone else to share the spotlight, she'd put her own plan in place to get control or something.

Hey it was Gloriosa who built the wall not him!

After watching all four, I still believe Rainbow Rocks had the best soundtrack but Everfree comes in a close second.

But I just realized are they going to do the next EQG movie next to the MLP movie? :rainbowhuh:

4364378 I'm not saying that she has to be as bad as Pony!DT. I'm just saying that I don't want to see Snips and Snails as antagonists ever again.

4364529 They're not doing a movie this year. They're doing 3 22-minute TV specials instead.


Oh that's right I remember now. Thank you for reminding me.

This is an interesting point, and adds potential depth to the character. Doesn't really change that he was superfluous to the movie as a whole, but hey, take what you can get.

It's a good point. I'm pretty sure Granny babysat pony Filthy Rich as a child, he seems to treat her almost like an aunt of his own.

4364361 The issue, I think, is that evil Sunset Shimmer wouldn't want lieutenants. She wanted flunkies. Diamond Tiara wouldn't ever put up with being treated like a disposable minion, which is all Sunset wanted back then.

4364751 Honestly I'm really interested to see where they goes with this. I just worry that with seven main characters it'll be hard to spotlight them properly in only an hour...although who am I kidding, the very first two episodes of FIM did it well enough.

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