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Out of Context Screenshot Theater #1451! · 10:38am May 1st, 2019

Your Fortune Cookie for May 2019 is:

"Vaseline is not Assholine."

令和1年5月1日 (水)

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The first booty call of Sunburst's life.

"I could have sworn I put my socks around here somewhere...
Oh wait, I'm wearing them."

Get it? Because... socks? You know? As in the colouration of fur around the hoof? ....as in, umm, I'll show myself out now...

After the third time Stellar Flare had triggered a friendship problem to lure him in for a blind date set up, Sunburst decided that now would be a good time to do that experiment for living long term in his cloak's pocket dimension...

Starlight: "That's not how getting laid works."
Sunburst: "But I read it in a book, and..."
Starlight: "Which book?"
Sunburst: "The one in my mothers study."
Starlight: "... I'm afraid to ask, was there a whip there too?"
Sunburst: "Y-yes, why-?"
Starlight: "Bring it here <3 "

"Ugh.... every time I go out for drinks with Starlight, I wake up three days later with another tramp stamp!"

Don’t you just hate it when you get woken up by somepony calling you in the middle of the night?

And most likely not the last

"Seriously? How did you find me? I couldn't see you, so you can't see me. There's something amiss here...."

Hey. If you're gonna ask your marefriend to experinent with anal sex then you're basically preemptively offering to be on the receiving end.
Fair is fair, Sunburst.

Sunburst: Where's the kaboom? There was supposed to be an Equestria-shattering kaboom...

"Starlight, you're scaring me".

it's Chinese; the translation (at least according a copy and paste on Google translate): Order and May 1st, 1st (water)

(shrugs) fair enough on all counts



"Reiwa Year 1, May 1st (Wednesday)"

Today is the first day of the Reiwa Era.

(shrugs) fair enough, and thanks ☺

That IS how it works, yes.

Your math's wrong nigga. His Imperial Majesty's reign lasted almost exactly 30 years (Heisei 1 was 1989, beginning the day after the death of the Showa Emperor in 1989; the first third of 2019 was Heisei 29). His Imperial Majesty was already quite middle-aged when he ascended the Throne, and chose to retire at 85 rather than rule until death, something that has never been done before.

You misheard or heard from a misinformed source. Or do you really want to keep arguing with a guy who actually researched this?

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