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Out of Context Screenshot Theatre #1455! · 2:04pm May 5th, 2019

Sick in bed this weekend. No review of new episode. Gave it an 8/10.

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Hope you feel better.

File footage of me checking my Tracking shelf for the twelfth time in an hour.

Also, get well soon, Moth.

“When will the next Power Ponies comic come out?”

When two good books come out and you only have enough for one.


When you were deciding over which book to give Twilight for her birthday, until you realized she already owns both of them.

Wanderer D

I-is that the Ponysutra in the fiction section?

Here we see the majestic book, in its natural habitat.

Starlight: Best seller my flank. I haven't gotten a single bit in royalties since I wrote my time-travel memoir.

"Damn, they don't have my favorite smut novel anymore"

"Dang it! I can't decide which book to get Sunburst for his birthday!"

Starlight: (groans) How is anyone can even STAND that series?
Starlight (wearing a disguise): (whispering to the clerk) Has my copy of the latest installment come in yet?

That face Starlight has when she sees your browser history, only to find pictures (you know which ones) of Twilight and not her.

Okay, this is the longest Moth has gone without posting something, and I'm legitimately getting worried.

Feel better soon, Moth.

Insert totally unhelpful advice.

Get well soon Moth. We miss you.

I saw the post. It's sad to know that he's not going to be around anymore...

Wanderer D

5055824 It will, but do remember that he loved this, all of this.

Wait, what happened?

The "sick in bed" part of this post led to his demise.

I’ve read the blog.

Wow. Just... I hope the family is ok.

Seems like they are. Hopefully.

RIP drips head

The last OOC Theatre post
Rest in Peace, MythrilMoth

My condolences. I know he was suffering a lot, and I'm proud of him for not resorting to suicide. I wish you and his family the best.

To think that this was the last thing he would ever post. :fluttercry:

Wanderer D

5055978 I think, in a way, it's oddly appropriate. Even thematically.

Godspeed, you magnificent fellow. Rest easy, dream long.

:fluttercry: You're remembered. ... I can't say more.

Treasure each moment is more than what's stamped in a Hallmark card. :pinkiesad2:

Rest in peace Moth.
I hope you found your Equestria.



Rest in Peace
We'll miss you.

Good bye. :-( Rest in peace.

His last act for us was to put a smile on our faces and get us thinking about a way to do that to each other and for ourselves.

Yeah, this is actually as appropriate as it gets, I think.

Starlight: I don't see anything new from MythrilMoth. When is his next story coming out?

Sunburst: You... haven't heard, have you?

I'm so sad to hear this terrible news. To know he never got to see the final season play out...

Wherever he is, I wish him nothing but the best. My deepest condolences go out to his family and friends. Though I didn't know him personally, I hope he knew he had a true, true fan in me.

....He knew. He knew he was going to go. You bastard come back...
Come back... this isn't funny anymore....

You know, seeing all this makes me think that if Moth could see this, he'd be incredibly grateful for everyone's love and support. That being said, we can't be sad too long. He knew that his time was pretty near, but he couldn't let that bother us. We'll miss him, and I know he'll miss us. So here's to you Moth. I don't think he was much of a fan of Devil May Cry,, but this track has been wanting to play for me for the past few days, I guess this was why. Save a spot for us man, and don't come into our dreams to spoil the rest of the season will ya?

Rest In Peace, Moth. You faced it all and you stood tall, and did it Your Way.

I’m going to miss you, Moth. Your stories have been bringing a lot of happiness into my life for years, and I just hope that wherever you end up in the next life, it at least has some pen and paper.

Mythrilmoth, if there is any chance that you're reading this from beyond, I want you to know that while we had our differences, I respected you as a writer, and always thought you were a good person. I wish I could have shared more of my stories with you before you went.

R.I.P. old friend.

Moth, I didn't know you that well, but the times we interacted, you gave me thoughtful and encouraging insite on my stories. You were one of my favorite EQG writers, a pioneer in the raunchy comedy category of EQG. You wrote some of my favorite Sciset and Sunlight stories, and God there will be a giant hole in the fimfiction community without you. Rest easy comrade.

Goodbye, Moth. I'm so sorry. :fluttercry:

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