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Out of Context Screenshot Theater #1453! · 10:38am May 3rd, 2019

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Is Sunburst trying to gag himself with his own hoof?

Starlight: (thinking) You know, I never noticed before, but Sunburst looks a little like that "Sunset Shimmer" girl that I've met a few times now; in fact, in the right light, they could pass as...NO, that can't be it...can it? Well, I suppose I could always ask him, but I'll need to approach the subject delicately... (out-loud) So, ready to get back to the Crystal Empire, Mr. Shimmer? (thinking) Dammit!
Sunburst: (groans) Alright, who told you about my nickname back at Celestia's School for Gifted Unicorns?
Starlight: (blinks; thinking) Roll with it (clears her throat) Uh, nopony, actually: it's just, for a moment, you reminded me of somepony I met a while back: a MIss "Sunset Shimmer", actually (takes a sip of water to calm her nerves)
Sunburst: (wide-eyed) Wait, Sunset Shimmer? You mean to tell me that my sister's alive!? (insert Starlight Glimmer doing a spit-take here)

* bonus points if you catch the reference I snuck in there

Yes, Mr. von Sock, but the map sent both of us. It might need her alive.

Sunburst: “You see this hoof Starlight? I wish this hoof had a gun in it!”

Socko makes his debut into Friendship is Magic, having been separated by his master Mick Foley, and must team up with Sunburst to find him and get back home.

(Bonus Points If you get the reference.)

eeyup: sorry if it feels like a repeat of last time 😅

Sunburst: So, I'm burning ants with my magnifying glass, like this, and...

Starlight (in thought): Maybe it's a good thing I lost touch with this weirdo.

Sunburst: Yeah, this is basically why I don't shave. I just can't get the razor-holding form down.
Starlight: ...you do realize you're a unicorn, right?

Mick Foley, or Mankind Socko? Because there is a difference, and I'd much rather have Foley's than Mankind's.

I leave that up to fan favoritism

How can we do shadow puppets without fingers?

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