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Out of Context Screenshot Theater #1454! · 1:50pm May 4th, 2019

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Does this smell like Chloroform to you?

We could all go insane with just one bad day. With you, I guess it's more like one bad spray!

"I call this; Essence of Sleep."

"*cough cough*! That's anesthes...................*sleep*"


"I call this one Essence of Love!"

"That's an Aphrodisiac!"

*And then sex happened!*

The colour of that cloud looks ominous.

Starlight has been bottling something far worse than emotions...

But how did other ponies get their hooves on it ?
Prank time with Trixie ?

Salespony: Try some of our new Smilex cologne. Guaranteed to put a smile on your face, right, Mistah J?

Beware the perfume department

After the misunderstanding was corrected, the pony apologized to Sunburst for thinking he was a stalker and for using perfume in place of pepper spray.

"Please, Miss. I don't want to get high right now."

Mace finds a use, even in Equestria.

Essence of grape. Get graped, right in the mouth.

I'm sorry: I couldn't resist

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