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Out of Context Screenshot Theater #1452! · 9:04am May 2nd, 2019

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SG: "Uhh... about last night..."

SB: "Don't talk about it"

SG: "Don't feel bad, is a very common problem among stallions to-"

SB: "Don't... just, don't talk about it"

"Oh... so we're NOT going to Haywaii."

"So, putting aside the whole 'going home' thing... does this mean Twilight's coffee table ships us?"
"I'm still trying to figure that one out."

They look cute together when they are mad, LOL.

"So...back home?"

"Uh huh."

"Our parents?"




"*Sigh* Look, we're just going to have to suck it up and tell them to just f*ck already."

Sunburst hates snowflake covered mountains.

Sunburst: I hate Mondays.

Starlight: Me too.

“Ugh, Whinnyapolis again!? You ever get the feeling this thing is just trying to keep us busy till the season finale?”

(Starlight): Indianeighpolis?
(Sunburst): Yep.

Starlight: Right hair flip.

Sunburst: Left hair flip.

Starlight: Right hair flip.

Sunburst: Left hair flip.

*This goes on for hours.*

SB: "Are Twilight's speeches always this long?"
SG: "You have no idea".

:twilightoops: One thing still bothers me about that whole debacle with Sombra: how did he come back in the first place? I was certain the Crystal Heart destroyed him...
:pinkiegasp: Isn't it obvious? Some ancient dude who's more powerful then all our past foes put together is gathering forces to take us on using our "stronger together" strategy against us, most likely as part of a series finale, and used some of his power to bring back Sombra to use as part of his alliance only for him to go off the rails...that, or his mom had twins and said twin, who was in hiding until now, wanted to see if he could do the job better...
Starlight: Who else just pictured Sombra as a girl? (pause for a beat) Really?! I'm the ONLY one?!
Sunburst: YES! (thinking) She must never know...*

* bonus points if you get the reference

[Later, to Queen Chrysalis shortly before Thorax proves surprisingly powerful and violent.] "Your child is impressive. I give him permission to marry Princess Sombra."

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