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2016.05.25 Fimfiction Archive release statistics · 7:41pm Jun 9th, 2016

I've finally updated all my Fimfiction spreadsheets!
If you don't know what I'm talking about, check out this video.

Here's the updated basic Fimfiction statistics spreadsheet:

Scroll to the right to get the current numbers. Worth noting is that Fimfiction no longer shows a rating for stories with less than 10 likes/dislikes. This has resulted in 35% of the stories on the site with no visible rating.

Another thing of note is that the average amount of words being added per day has been generally decreasing.

But still, 800k words added per day is still staggering to the point that no human can read all that in one lifetime, so please don't complain that the fandom is dying.

While words added per day has gone down, views for each story have increased.

Of the new genres which were added in the last year, Drama has come out on top as the most popular.

But the new genres are dwarfed in comparison to the existing genres.

(The legend of this graph is ordered from highest percentage to lowest)

Up next is the character spreadsheet. (I don't have access to the character tags, which would be more accurate, instead I parsed through the descriptions of every story on Fimfiction to see what names popped up the most often).
(There's three sheets in there, the first is sorted by amount, the next is percentage, and the final one is a ranking that notes any changes over the updates in a character's popularity.)

The top three most popular characters to write about are still:
1. Twilight Sparkle
2. Celestia
3. Rainbow Dash

The next spreadsheet is for story data. If you wanted to sort by most liked/disliked story on the site, this would be the place to do it. (Be warned though, this is a large spreadsheet that might take a while to load)

As always you can fiddle around with the data by using filters to select categories you want to see.

As well as sort the stories by most viewed/liked/disliked.

Remember, that if a story has a like/dislike count of -1, in reality it's rating is still hidden.

And the last spreadsheet is for Author data. This one is by far the most massive as it contains all the information I could scrape using Fimfictions normal API about authors.

That spreadsheet is currently sorted by most words written.
Funnily enough #5 shortskirtsandexplosions and #6 Imploding Colon, are in fact the same person, making him the most prolific author on the site.

Thank you, as always, to the Fimfic archive, the staff of Fimfiction itself for having an API, and to all you amazing writers and readers! :pinkiehappy:

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Thanks, Chilly! Nice to see these as always! Would still be interested in a spread of "words written/follower count".

You're welcome! :yay:

Would still be interested in a spread of "words written/follower count".

Unfortunately, the follower count is not currently a part of Fimfiction's API.

To make that author data spreadsheet, my program parses through the metadata from the stories in the archive, and then I match user ID's and add up any information I can find.
The author data spreadsheet already has all the information I can scrape from the archive.

4011305 if you go to the search bar at the top of a page and don't enter anything, the search results then brings up every author on fanfiction. You can sort by follower count. Is there anyway you could write a program that would parse the website's coding for the number of followers each person has? I think each page has like 50 results or something, so if you did that for the first 20 pages you could find the information for the top thousand authors.


Is there anyway you could write a program that would parse the website's coding for the number of followers each person has?

That's... umm... currently beyond my skill set. :twilightblush:
I have been dabbling in python, so if I figure out a way to do this, I'll let you know.

Wait how did you get Dash as the third most written about character? I see her regularly trail Luna by well over a hundred per month, unless you are just counting words or something. She frequently trails Spike as well.


The actual character "tags" aren't part of Fimfiction's API, so I don't have access to that data.
However, I do have access to each story's title, short description, and long description. What I'm doing is parsing through each story's description and checking for instances of the word "Rainbow."
And "Rainbow" happens to show up more often than "Luna."

4012031 obviously all those stories about Megan's Rainbow of Light.

Yeah but most of that is Short Skirts and his alts.

I'm curious where Just Essay is on the word count. That's another skirts alt after all.

> more Anthro stories than any of the new tags


But it's good to know the ol' site's got some life left in 'er yet.

Well, sure. The fimfic community has always been made up entirely of SS&E alts.

We learn to code so you can do this again! Or ask someone else on Fimfiction who knows how!

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