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Fixation on death aside, this is lovely —Soge, accidentally describing my entire life

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List of Online Pony Conventions happening in May/June - Plus some other thoughts · 5:19am Apr 27th, 2020

TL;DR: Here's a shareable spreadsheet of Online Pony conventions for May/June:

EDIT: Equestria Daily made a page for online pony cons, probably based on this list I sent them, yay!


So I had the time of my life at Ponyfest yesterday and I was trying to write up all my feelings on how much I loved it... but then I came across this meme in the Ponyfest Discord chat:

And I'm like: ?????
And after googling around... it's TRUE :O

I couldn't find a nice list of online conventions happening so I made my own—feel free to share. And feel free to sign up to give panels—jeez this is a lot of content people will suddenly need.

I tried to find all of them, but "Ponies Online" is a super vague ungoogleable logo. And I have no idea what to google based off that other symbol, so please comment if you know.

Without further ado, online conventions happening soon!:

Midair Pony Fair
Friday, May 1st
Looks to be just Friday evening and already has a ton of guests.

Friday May 8th Evening, Saturday May 9th, 2020
Online version of BABSCon, probably with an entirely different schedule

No Pony Con
May 16th
Please rest, you beautiful people! This is your only weekend free.

Quantum Seapony Con
Sunday May 24th, 2020
This is THE brony convention for East Asian Bronies, usually set IRL in the Philippines.
To fully experience the con, you will need Minecraft Java edition, with required modpacks they’ll provide downloads for. And Discord.

May 29th-31st
Three days bro? Why!? I can’t handle this much pony. Or can I???

Ponyfest Online 3.0
May 30th, 2020
The original online Pony Convention (by like a few months?)
I have had an ABSOLUTE blast at the last 2 conventions, it’s incredible. I can’t believe there’s another one happening in 5 weeks.

SecondLife Pony Con
The entire month of June??? Apparently???
All in the game of Second Life

Friday June 19th - Saturday June 20th, 2020
Please look at this hilarious website before they fill in the placeholder info with actual info. (Screenshotted for posterity)


I am most excited for Quantum Seapony con because Bronies overseas fascinate me. What's the fandom like over there? Hopefully they'll have some content that's in English.

And Ponyfest 1.0 and 2.0 were absolutely phenomenal, so 3.0 I am so excited for. Oh my gosh. I... okay—NOW I can get back to writing my thoughts on it.

So.... I sat down on a couch with my wife Saturday morning, and besides a few things I had scheduled that I couldn’t unschedule, I spent pretty much all day with her watching Ponyfest.


I just… I don’t know how to describe it. I LOVED watching friends and experiencing a virtual convention. I loved the Discord, I loved the panels. I got a nice shout-out from someone that remembered I at one point voiced pony fanfictions.

This happened:

Discord Chat: What do you call reading fanfics out loud?
My wife: Isn’t that an ASMR thing?
My wife:
My wife: Oh! Audiobooks!

Which got a lot of laughs :rainbowlaugh:

We actually stayed up and watched the concerts, which EVERY con I go to I am abso-friggin-lutely exhausted by the time the evening concerts happen to the point that I couldn’t possibly go to them.
BUT—I was at home! I wasn’t horrifically tired because I ate food DURING panels earlier in the day (and it’s not rude because no one can see me). And I could go to bed at any time because it was a few steps away.
And the concerts were so GOOD! And a welcome break from non-stop content all day.
It's the kind of marathon entertainment that I only ever experienced like 15 years ago when watching live TV. (Sorry, not used to the streaming world at all)

I just—I am such a homebody and I am having a great time.

Ponyfest.online was incredible. I loved it.

Also I'm a little sad that Looneycon is apparently also happening that same weekend as well.

There was also a furry convention that happened yesterday too, which I went to one panel about the history of furries. I didn’t realize the history of the furry fandom was so sexual?

Well anyway, I am exhausted and happy and I didn't even go anywhere physically.

And I really want to volunteer and do some panels or something and then when I realistically think about planning my mind goes to my calendar and there's just no room for anything D:
I gotta stop doing so much stuff :/
And then there's the nagging feeling that others are far more qualified and have done more for the community then the rare one-off stuff I do sometimes
I'm seriously debating just doing a live fanfic reading for two hours or something. Full of line flubs. But... the world would probably be better served with something actually edited properly. When am I going to have the time for that?

Would anyone want, like, a panel of four fanfics being read aloud for 15 minutes each? Almost like a fanfic theater trailer panel?


Even when I was watching the closing ceremonies for Ponyfest I was ecstatic but slightly sad about another convention just 5 weeks away. It felt like too much of a good thing.

And then I saw that Shrek meme and fell into a rabbithole of investigating online pony conventions.

I mean— okay???
I— I don't have time to read all the wonderful fanfic recommendations, or take to heart all the wonderful fanfic writing panel advice if every single weekend is another pony convention.
The only weekend for the foreseeable future where there isn't one is May 16th!?
And these are all free!?

Is this!? Is this what it would be like to be a rich Brony during the heyday of convention season? Get on an airplane, go to a hotel and go to another convention every other week or so? I've heard of the convention circuit. But by flattening all conventions to suddenly being online only and free, suddenly everything is so OPEN. My mind is absolutely reeling from the possibilities of it all.

A global pandemic is changing the nature of fandom in real-time guys

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I should give the online conventions a try when I'm home or could listen on the go. I haven't tried any of them.

I just don't have any interest.
The SL one is probably going to be awful because SL people are awful. SEA being held in a Minecraft world is heckin neato tho I guess? Idk.

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