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BABSCon! · 11:58pm Mar 27th, 2015

One week to go! Unfortunately, I don't have any panels for you to check out, but iff'n you want to say hi, odds are I'll be locatable some way or another, though it sounds like the fic panel scene in general is pretty sparse. (Spoiled by EFNW, perhaps?) Anyhow, I'd love to exchange quick, awkward chats with any and all of you in the few minutes before the embarrassment and shame kick in and I go slinking off to a dark corner somewhere.

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Comments ( 18 )

I will have to find you so I can shower you with praise and make you feel incredibly awkward! HAHAHAHAHAHA~ :trollestia:

Such an admirable goal!

Well there is a writers room where a bunch of us writers are getting together to hang out on and off during the con.

I might get to meet Skywriter? Joyous day!

Is that xjuggernaughtx's place?

My brother's in California are going of course.... DAMN ME... DAMN ME LIVING IN FLORIDA!!!

Hokay, well, if that's the ficcer crash zone, odds are I'll be there some of the time!

2917174 Yes, please do! I hope to see everyone while I'm there, and enslave them as my story writing minions have some great conversations!

Your strikethrough is showing, dearie.

Florida is the California of the East Coast, but unfortunately it's not the actual California, so I won't be able to attend, no matter how much I want to.

2917191 I have no idea what you are referring to. Everyone knows that strikethroughs are invisible to the naked eye. You need at least a microscope or a decoder ring to see them.


I should just move to the west coast, I think...

Just a warning, I am going to Squee and fanboy incredibly hard.

But...quick awkward chats are the best part. Doesn't everybody love those?

Hope you enjoy the biggest season five premier party ever. :yay:

2917187 Thanks in advance, BTW for that room thing. Should be a lot more professional than trying to cram everyone in my standard hotel room like last year! Looking forward to seeing everyone again!

It was great meeting you Jeffrey at BABSCon! I also recognize you from that documentary.

You as well! I'm surprised and pleased that people recognize me from what I understand was a super super brief appearance! (I've not actually seen it yet.) :twilightblush:

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