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When Twilight Sparkle decides to try a new spell she has perfected, she successfully pulls a being from another universe into Equestria. That being coincidentally is a human...that human coincidentally is you. What at first just seems like an opportunity for first contact between two species soon becomes something much more when certain truths are brought to light...and everything you knew about your life is flipped onto its head.

NOTE: At times in this story, the main character's thought process will be shown as an inner monologue with his brain. BRAIN's dialogue will appear in this color of text.

Chapters (7)

It has been close to a year since the multiverse decided that it was time for you to have a change of scenery. Living with the Apple family and working on their farm, you have carved out a surprisingly fulfilling life for yourself in this alien world. Yet, there is still something that you yearn for...something near...something so close yet just out of reach. Something, call it a fool's hope, tells you she may feel the same...and when things boil over with an old 'friend' you make a decision that could change your life in Equestria forever.

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You are Anonymous, you are fit, you are the only human in Equestria, and Rainbow is your best friend and workout buddy. For one reason or another, mares find you desirable, unnervingly so. For the longest time, your best bro, Rainbow Dash, has protected you from their advances. One day however, things you have been noticing for a while begin to start piling up; her blushing, the way her wings tend to stiffen around you...it couldn't be, could it?

Chapters (1)