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Two years after her fall by the hooves of princess Celestia, Night is back. But why does she feel so different? And what will Sweetie Belle do?

This is a sequel to Cutie Mark Crusaders Nightmares, yay! and takes place during and right after the Crystal Empire arc.

Rated teen for mild violence.

Constructive criticism is appreciated.

Chapters (9)

Nightmare Moon was defeated by the mane six, but she didn't die. Here's what happened when she tried to get her revenge with the help of three particular fillies.

Set during season 1, short after the CMC had met.

Inspired by this image, all credits to the autor.

Rated teen for mild violence.

Chapters (11)

Follow Ashley, former queen of the changelings, as she tries to mingle with the ponies she always regarded as food and to change her life.

This is a spin-off of my other story Armor for Two, taking place between its last two chapters.

As always, constructive criticism is well accepted.

Chapters (12)

What if Cadence and Twilight arrived a couple of minutes later to stop Chrysalis?
What will the changeling queen do when she discovers that her marriage with Shining Armor is legally valid?

This story takes place short after the Crystal Empire arc and before 'Too Many Pinkie Pie'.

Inspired by http://csimadmax.deviantart.com/art/married-again-325751862 , all credit for the image goes to the autor.

Now with it's own spin-off: here.

As always, costructive critic is well accepted.

Chapters (12)
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