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Black Cherry AKA Dodge, has been enjoying his early retirement. A safe, easy job as Cherry Hill Ranch's night watchman and simple days with no prior engagements outside of a bottle of cherry brandy sounds good enough for most. Unfortunately for him, an acquaintance from his past has returned, offering to return him to a life he still isn't sure he wishes to be over. Now he, along with a group of tentative allies, must choose whether or not the past needs to remain buried.

Author's Notes: Okay, so another crossover! This time, it's Payday 2! Why 2? Because I never played 1. An idea that I saw some potential for, and I figure better out here than locked away in my head. This'll be my attempt at giving life to the motives of career criminals, with plenty of action in between! Enjoy!

Disclaimer: MLP Belongs to Hasbro. Payday and Payday 2 belong to Overkill Software.

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Twilight's attempts to emulate one of her favorite magician's spells ends with unexpected results, in the form of her own undead minion. Now, with a crime against both Equestiran Law and Nature in her care, Twilight must do her best to hide her unholy abomination, and keep herself from breaking down in the process.

I think we all know how well that works out.

So, I wrote this story for Halloween, but I actually had the idea for quite some time. It was inspired by this image:
But it does not star Dusk Shine, rather it is set in the normal fim-verse. Characters will be added as they appear. Enjoy!

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There is a legend. A legend of six heroes destined to protect Equestria from danger. But these six are not the Elements of Harmony. They are more.

The Steadfast Commander.
The True Genius.
The Vigilant Eye.
The Merciless Wrath.
The Fighting Spirit.
The Lone Wolf.

They are the true Protectors of Equestria.
They are the Guardians.
They are Noble.

Alright, so here is the story I have teased on my blog, The Noble Guardians! If you already guessed the concept, good for you! But for the rest of you, this is a Halo: Reach Crossover. I have seen a couple fics in which Six or Jorge are brought to Equestria, but they were always alone, so I decided to bring them all together as one. This will follow the show's storyline, with Noble acting as additional characters to the episodes, but don't worry, I guarantee they will be major characters with their own arcs and there will be plenty of original situations. I will also most likely skip any episodes in which Noble would have little to no involvement. (This will be few and far between, one example being "Call of the Cutie" I mean, even the Mane Six are only minor characters in that episode. I'll probably either mention those in passing or have another story going on with those episodes occurring in the background.) Anyway, see how Noble reacts to becoming Equestria's destined protectors!
Cover image credit goes to Gekko3309.
Naturally, this story contains spoilers for Halo: Reach

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Being chosen by a God to act as his champion is pretty cool. Being sent to Equestria, even cooler. I just wish I hadn't pissed off the guy before he told me what I'm supposed to be doing here. Now, lost in Equestria without a clue, and with only a naive Spriggan for company, I hope to find my purpose in this crazy world.
My name is Paul O'Brian, and this is my story.

So, this is my first submission to Fimfiction.net, and I chose to start with a Chess Game of the Gods Story. These stories are of great interest to me, so I decided to try one of my own. All events within this story occur during the plot of The ballad of Echo the Diamond Dog and Griffin the Griffin, as well as the other CGotG stories, and all credit for this universe goes to Rust and Blackwing.
Characters will be added as they appear. Rated T but does contain harsh language.

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