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I voice things sometimes.

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Nowacking is crazy.

Your Face is here!

Voice One: I don't think this is the real Jessi Nowack...
Voice Two: Of course it's the real JN! They have a picture of her with her logo that definitely wasn't downloaded from the internet!
Voice One: I don't knowww...
Voice Three: Oh would you two just shut it and do what you're told!?!
Voice Seven: Woah, what got in your metaphysical [the word fits here] pants?
Voice One: HEY! Where'd voices Four-Six go?
Voice Seven: Oh they went to go get take-out.
Voice Two: Why the hell didn't they ask us what we wanted?
Voice Seven: Dude, chillax, it's Chinese food. You'll eat it even if it's just dried cat liver.
Voice Two: I take offense to that!
*ear opens and then shuts*
Voice Five: Yo, guys, WE GOT DAH' GRUB! Time to chow!
Voice One: Hold on a sec, Five. Two, you do realize it's possible they just took a capture of one of the real Jessi Nowack's videos and added the logo in to make it seem more legitimate, right?
Voice Two: hmm... oh... *slurp*
Sorry, what was that?
Voice Four: Oh come on, Two! Use some manners, would you? Just because your a figment of DB's imagination doesn't mean you have to be a slob about it!
Voice Six: Oh. come off it, mate. Let the bugger eat his food and sit your fan down!
Voice Two: HMMM... wontonnnnnnnnn...


um wat

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