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Stunt Monkey

I own and tour with a travelling circus, the cool kind with performing animals and fire breathers. Not those crappy ones with ballet and shit. I also own a pet shop.

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Shining Armor has been waiting months for this day, Star Wars: The Force Awakens! The trailer has got him so excited, more excited than anything!

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The CMC are at it again! Another camping trip to celebrate the end of high school exams! And who better to tag along than Rainbow Blitz. Diamond Tiara = Gold Watch, the rest should be obvious.

Originally written for the THE IiW BUTT-SPELUNKON 20XX, but I missed the deadline.
Contains: Rule 63, Strong M/M shipping, Aged up.

Picture supplied by Internet.

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King Platinum asks Star Swirl to journey across the land in search of dragons and discover why they are disappearing. He will encounter friends and enemy's during his dangerous quest as well as discovering a life-changing secret of his own. Set many years before Star Swirl obtained his 'The Bearded' title, also yes it is Star Swirl not Starswirl. Look it up.

Inspired by all things dragons!

This story is not getting enough attention, the network execs have ordered me to cancel it. :(

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After Applejack's success in Manehatten and saving her family's farm, Stryker Malt-House reveals Tropical Punch's feelings for him to Applejack. Shortly after the Element of Honesty slips up and tells Boxing glove the truth. How long can they all keep Rarity from finding out. And what else is Applejack hiding?
Official Sequel to A Fighting Chance.

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No Magic, No Flying, No Bucking. These are the rules of Manehatten Pro Boxing.

Boxing Glove and his brother Stryker Malt-House plan to open a bar in Ponyville, however they are a few thousand bits short. While in town Boxing discovers a pamphlet for a boxing tournament being held in Manehatten, with a first place reward of 10,000 bits. He enters but gets mixed feelings when he meets another contender (Applejack) and falls for her.

Applejack gets the same idea to compete so that she can replace expensive broken farm equipment.

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