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I am a musician and writer, and an avid viewer and crazy fanatic of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic!

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Fancypants discovers that his fiancée—Fleur de Lis—was cheating on him for a long time, and that she was marrying him just for his money. This upsetting bit of news thrusts the stallion onto a path of rehabilitation. His struggle of putting the pieces back together isn't done alone, though as a certain fashionista from Ponyville lends a helping hoof.

Chapters (2)

She's known by everypony as the bright party pony who's always fun to be around. Yet, recently, she's realized a side of her she never knew she had before. Celestia knows what kind of evil things might happen if it were to escape.

Chapters (1)

(Formerly known as 'The Truth Left Unspoken'). The two have been friends since they were fillies, but recently Rainbow Dash discovers she has romantic feelings for her timid pal. Meanwhile, Fluttershy works on being livelier and more brave in an attempt to impress the mare of her dreams.

Chapters (3)

"Live for the Future" is a narrative recounting Twilight's slow fall into love with Trixie, who is offered a second chance when Twilight spots her in Canterlot and is informed that she's homeless and has nothing left. Vignettes of Trixie's depressing past are interwoven within the story as well.

Chapters (3)
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