• Published 18th Dec 2011
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Role Reversal - FoxeyHound

Rainbow Dash realizes her love for Fluttershy, who, unbeknownst to RD, has loved her for a long time

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Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy.

Everypony who knew them regularly described them as “fire and ice”, along with similar figures of speech, for the two radically juxtaposed each other, nearly being polar opposites.

The former was gregarious, bold, and, at times, a little presumptuous. Her impatience made her prone to become irritable easily. As an adrenaline junkie, she always wanted things to keep moving along as quickly as possible without any interruptions. She was not afraid to voice her opinions, no matter how rude they may be. Overall, she perfectly exemplified an extrovert.

The latter was withdrawn and timid. Her patience and gentle kindness delighted others, though her taciturn nature and phobia of attention often made conversation a bit difficult, making others become irritable easily. As a demure pony, she never felt comfortable when things were going too fast. She usually was afraid of voicing her opinions, worried about hurting one's feelings. Overall, she perfectly exemplified an introvert.

Their personalities clashed, but despite the differences, they were still the best of friends. The two Pegasi have known each other for a major portion of both their lives. Their lives crossed paths when they were fillies at Junior Speedster's summer flight camp, wherefore they developed a close, platonic bond.

Over the years, however, Fluttershy's feelings for her peer grew into something more. She looked up to her friend with great love and affection, seeing her as sort of a guardian and protector. She denied her emotions at first; the thought of everypony ridiculing her for being attracted to other fillies and mares got her worried. Her efforts were futile, though, and, before long, she accepted her feelings.

Rainbow Dash's love grew subconsciously, and has yet to fully blossom. Which leads into this story, one recounting the rainbow-maned Pegasus' revelation, as well as following Fluttershy as she works hard to change her shy ways so her crush will like her more.

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