• Published 18th Dec 2011
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Role Reversal - FoxeyHound

Rainbow Dash realizes her love for Fluttershy, who, unbeknownst to RD, has loved her for a long time

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Chapter II

Fluttershy was stunned and surprised as she took off into the air following her friend Rainbow Dash. Nevertheless, she was overflowing with a mixture of pure joy and aggressive nervousness.

Oh my goodness! the yellow mare thought to herself. This is so unexpected! I mean, I didn't have anything planned for today other than the usual tending to my animals, but this is...this is SO much better! Oh, do I look alright? Does my breath stink? Oh dear, I must look awful! Maybe this wasn't such a good idea, maybe I should have stayed—

"Hey, Fluttershy! Try to keep up!"

The aforementioned pony lifted up her head to see her friend was a good distance away from her. It was moments like these when she wished she wasn't such a terrible flier. Times like these also made her wish she wasn't afflicted with acrophobia. So she focused on not looking down behind her at the receding ground, and flapped her wings harder in order to catch up to her friend.


Fluttershy sighed solemnly to herself as she ascended higher into the atmosphere. Her life wasn't fantastic, but she wouldn't complain about it, either. Yet, there was one thing missing in her life, a long desired treasure of hers that, if she had it, would make her life absolutely perfect. That one thing—or one pony, rather—that she desperately longed for was the cyan Pegasus that she was chasing after.

Romance was never an extremely important aspect for the demure pony, but when she did dwell on her love life, there was only one pony that came to mind, and her name was Rainbow Dash. It all started out as an innocent crush when Fluttershy was in flight camp with her. She was stunned when the bold Pegasus stepped in between her and a group of bullies; nopony had ever stood up for her, let alone notice her. While she was timid by nature, she would still long for somepony to call a friend. So, needless to say, she was incredibly happy when Rainbow Dash's path crossed her own, even if she couldn't figure out how two ponies who were so different could maintain a steady friendship.

Her feelings grew exponentially from that point on, though. She started feeling funny whenever she was around Dash. Her heart would begin to race, and making conversation was even more difficult than it already normally was. At first she didn't want to believe that she was attracted to mares and not stallions; it felt like it was the wrong way to feel. Eventually, however, her emotions took control of her, and she accepted her feelings. Besides, she felt like she couldn't help but be infatuated with Rainbow Dash.

Her gaze went up toward her crush, who was now only a few meters in front and to the right of her.

"...You're my oldest friend—you're my best friend."

A frowned formed on her mouth as she thought about those words. Rainbow Dash was everything Fluttershy wished she was—confident, outgoing, bold, funny, smart, strong, and, not to mention, a phenomenally-skilled flier. Additionally, Rainbow's impatient nature would often cause her to get aggravated with the shy Pegasus. Fluttershy was unable to recall the number of times Dash had been frustrated and curt as a result of being annoyed with her. Because of these facts, she would frequently wonder why and how Rainbow Dash was remotely interested in being her friend, or even associating with her. Fluttershy herself was able to see that she was nowhere near as cool as Dash was. With those points in mind, all of Fluttershy's hopes of ever starting a romantic relationship with Rainbow Dash would dissipate, vanish, and evaporate into thin air.

And yet, there was still a mysterious force inside her that always kept pushing her forward. A force to maintain a microscopic shred of hope that her dream wasn't that outlandish.

"Yoohoo, Fluttershy! Where you going?!"

Fluttershy—falling out of her thoughts—swirled around to see that her crush was sitting on top of a small puff of a cloud. Two scarlet blush stickers appeared briefly on her cheeks.

"Oh, sorry," Fluttershy apologized as she went back down and sat next to Rainbow. "I was just thinking about some stuff..."

Rainbow Dashes face switched to an expression of mild curiosity. "What's going on? Is there anything wrong?"

Her friend's concern caused Fluttershy's blush to intensify, to which she turned her head slightly and covered her face up with her bubblegum pink mane.

"It's nothing, really, don't worry about it," she reassured her friend.

Rainbow looked at her incredulously, but decided not to pry anymore. "Well, you can always, ya know, come talk to me whenever you have any issues and stuff. I'm not exactly great at all that emotional junk, but I'll still be here to listen."

Fluttershy had to restrain herself from leaping onto Rainbow and plant a loving kiss on her lips. In her mind, she was stunned and elated that her friend had so much concern for her, but did her best to hold those emotions in as well.

"Oh, Rainbow Dash…" Fluttershy started. She quickly tried to come up with something witty and funny yet thankful to say. "That's so loyal of you—no pun intended."

Rainbow Dash gave a light giggle at her friend's joke. "Yeah, well, I AM the element of loyalty for a reason, ya know?"

You certainly are, Rainbow Dash.

Those words stayed within the confines of her mind, however, and an empty gap in the conversation started to grow, making the tension uncomfortable. Rainbow sighed contently to herself as she lied on the soft cloud. Fluttershy did the same and lied next to her crush. The temptation to scoot just a bit closer to her was overwhelming, but she resisted it. She also did her best to keep her wings from becoming erect from all the excitement.

"It sure is much cooler up here," she remarked, neither to herself or Fluttershy.

Suddenly becoming aware of the temperature, Fluttershy nodded in agreement. "Yeah, it certainly is. This was a lovely idea."

With that, a silence in their dialogue entered, but this time it wasn't uncomfortable or awkward. Rainbow Dash's mind drifted off instantly, but Fluttershy was still on edge a bit, as they both closed their eyes and soaked in the sun.

Her mind may have wandered, but Fluttershy's wings were still very aware of the fact that Rainbow Dash was lying down only a mere inches away. They continued to extend out until the left wing tickled the side of Rainbow. Fluttershy's eyes opened wide when she realized this.

"Oh goodness, I'm sorry, Rainbow!" she exclaimed as she scrambled up and moved to the other end of the cloud hastily. Fluttershy expected that Rainbow wouldn't have been freaked out or uncomfortable, but she just wanted to make sure.

Though, she was right; her friend burst into a fit of laughter.

"Okay, Fluttershy," she said in between bits of giggles. "Now I'm really curious as to what you were thinking about; whatever it is, it must be pretty interesting." With that, Rainbow jokingly gave her friend a coy smirk and a playful wink.

Fluttershy's cheeks turned to a vibrant shade of red. She felt like she was going to faint. Her mane fell in front of her face as she composed herself real quick. "It's nothing, Rainbow...you wouldn't care, anyway."

"C'mon, Fluttershy. I told you already; you can tell me anything."

The yellow mare sat and bit her lip, unsure of what to do next. She was nervous as to what would happen if she were to confess her feelings to Rainbow. It would crush her if she didn't return the feelings, and it would destroy her heart if it were to break their friendship. Despite her fears, she felt that she needed to tell her, that she needed to be brave and let her know the truth.

This is your chance, Fluttershy; you can do this.

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Comments ( 10 )

Woo! New chapter!
This was amazing work as always, Foxey. I'm really starting to get attached to this story. :twilightsmile:
Cliffhanger though? :twilightangry2:

I hate cliffhangers! Yet I love them at the same time!
My emotions are so mixed right now.:rainbowhuh:

lol, fluttershy had a wingboner XD
nice idea, never seen that one before
lol i cant wait to see where this goes :3

FlutterDash is such a great ship, the two complete each other. One is perfectly meek and kind :fluttershysad:, the other is totally outgoing and fiery :rainbowdetermined2:. Their personalities complete each other like a graham cracker completes a S'more, meaning it works every time! Also: really bad simile and explanation, huh? :derpytongue2:

You wrote Fluttershy perfectly, by the way Foxey :twilightsmile:. Not much else to say but that, since I can't really find any errors in her characterization to mention! Yay for good writing! :yay:

I can't find anything to point out.......... I feel like a failure :facehoof:. I wanted to give you some constructive feedback but I guess not. :pinkiesad2:
I'll take it in stride though, me not being bothered by anything means you've done a really great job on the story! I can't wait for more! Take as long as you want as long as I can enjoy them as much as this one! :twilightsmile:

Awesome story!

Question: This is the second story I've seen the whole wings-standing-up-when-romantic-stuff-happens thing. Where'd you get it from?



You know not of the wing-boner? :rainbowderp:

Great story so far! Just hope that the update is close by.:pinkiehappy:

By the way, I TOTALLY CARE!

You glorious cunt, that cliffhanger was perfect. It was pretty much just you grabbing a hot poker and smacking me in my dick, it hurt but god dam does it give me hope for whats to come. Just realised how long its been since an update FML.

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