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Found this website through a YouTuber. Got an idea and started writing. Life's odd.

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This story is a sequel to The Nightwatcher Chronicles: Assassination

Three months after the assassinatinon attempt on Mayor Mare's life, the Teen Mutant Alliance continue the fight against the Black Snake. Thier fight is overshadowed by the public's opinion on the TMA's clothing style and Headhunter's new plan of assault on the citizens of Canterlot. Now the Teen Mutant Alliance is faced with a two-front war. A war on terrorism and a war on drugs. Things get trickier when a new mutant comes on the scene.

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This story is a sequel to The Nightwatcher Chronicles: Hunt Turned War

Six weeks after the Battle Of The Bands at CHS, the Nightwatcher and the Teen Mutant Alliance continue their war against the Black Snake. Now the group faces a new challenge. Preventing an act that they used to commit. Join Nightwatcher, the Teen Mutant Alliance, and their new friends as they continue their odyessy in Canterlot

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In a world where Marvel and DC characters co-exist, the Nightwatcher, aka Matthew Wilson, is a mutant teenage assassin for the CIA. When an old enemy, named Hamato Kornata (Headhunter) escapes the Arkham Asylum and escapes to another dimension, he pursues him with a group of other mutants with various powers. Expecting to arrive in Earth-2, the group arrives in a completely different dimension.

This story is my very first fanfic. I wrote this when I was in junior high but through two painstaking years, I finished the book. Also, I had an obsession with the heavy-metal rock band named Skillet. Instead of Skillet existing, the main characters play their music. If you are turned off by that, my deepest apologies. This version is the exclusive Revised and Edited version. Enjoy.

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Jacob Irving is not your average human. He's not popular, he's very poor, and has nothing to live for. After running away from his life, he falls into a hole that transports him to Equestria. Since he no longer calls himself Jacob Irving, he calls himself by a name that he used to go by.

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