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After losing contact with the Celestia (Bravo) and Cadence (charlie) teams; the Luna(Alpha) team lead by Apple Bloom is sent in to investigate.

Will Apple Bloom be able to find her friends?
Will they manage to figure out just what is going on in the Everfree Forest?
Will there be a giant Mansion?
Will they be attacked by Zombies,mutants and B.O.W.s?
Will this be on the test?

All this and more in Random Evil!!

*Just so you know all the ponies are adult age and yes there will be quite a few deaths.*

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When something is lost how do you cope with the pain. Will Rarity be able to; when through her own actions loses the most important thing in her life (Sweetie belle). What horrors will she suffer and in the end what will she be willing to give up to set things right.

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A demonic creature from an alternate dimension has been released. It's goal: to destroy a certain medaillon or the pony who last touched it as the medallion exists as long as that pony still lives. The Demon's target: Sweetie belle. With the help of parallel versions of herself can Sweetie belle find a way to stop this Demon or is it already too late.

(my second attempt with this fanfic.)

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